When CrossFit Wilmington was founded back in 2008, picking a CrossFit gym was pretty simple. You look up the only CrossFit gym in whatever city you’re in, go visit, and start training.


These days, there are over 10,000 affiliates worldwide with a gym on nearly every corner. In a city as small as Wilmington, there are 5 gyms.


CrossFit doesn’t regulate its gyms, we are each given quite a bit of autonomy when it comes to running our facility. This is a good thing, but as can be imagined, some gyms are great, and some gyms are not.


Here are a few things to consider when picking a CrossFit gym:



CrossFit, like any fitness program, requires you to show up in order to succeed. Choosing a location that is convenient to you will make your fitness journey a bit easier. A gym that is a short commute from home or work, or on the way to either, is a great start.

Layout and Size of Facility

Does the size of the facility and its layout allow for effective teaching and use of space? Does the space allow for multiple classes or programs to run concurrently? Does it feel too crowded? At CFW we have space for our classes, specialized programming, and strength classes, all at the same time.


Is there enough equipment to support class sizes? Does the programming make effective use of equipment, especially in larger classes?

At CrossFit Wilmington we have ample equipment to support both large and small classes. We also have specialty equipment that allows our members to train for multiple disciplines including powerlifting, strongman, olympic weightlifting, and endurance programs.

New Members Course

In CrossFit we do many technical movements and we believe that moving well is paramount. A CrossFit gym should have a beginners program to introduce you safely to all of the movements that we perform daily. It should gradually progres you into the more complex exercises. At CrossFit Wilmington, everyone starts with our Elements program. We start everyone with personal training sessions where you work 1 on 1 with a coach and learn to move safely and efficiently.


At any CrossFit gym you will receive coaching any time that you take a class. The coaches are your guides through your fitness journey, and they should be competent in what they are teaching.

Our coaches have to shadow classes for 2-3 months before they are ever allowed to teach a movement. Then they become assistants in class for another 2-3 months. By the end of our training process, our coaches are some of the best in the business.


Are the interactions between staff and members professional? Do the coaches and staff take their job seriously, and go above and beyond to create a great membership experience

Is the gym clean, and organized? Yes most gyms are in warehouses (so are we), but being tidy and clean goes a long way.


Do your fellow athletes welcome you? Do they introduce themselves and make you feel at home? A CrossFit gym is likely to be your home away from home. You should feel at ease around the rest of the folks you train with.


Though price should not be the #1 determining factor in your gym experience, it is worth exploring. Does the gym offer premium offerings such as personal training or specialty programs? As with most things we purchase, the cheapest option is not always the best. We certainly aren’t the cheapest gym in town, but we offer a premium service and coaching. You’ll find that the price is well worth the results.


With so many gyms, find a CrossFit that suits you. Sit down with the coaches and set up a clear path for success.

If you have any questions about a CrossFit membership you can learn more here or email us at info@crossfitwilmington.com