Training for the Games... CFW Team members, Amanda and Melissa, completing exercises to address imbalances in their adductors. WSC strength coach, James Tatum, is augmenting the team's training with corrective programming.

It’s been very busy at the gym and I’ve been spending much of my time up at MARSOC.  I thought it a good time to check in and tell you about upcoming events and other happenings at and around CrossFit Wilmington.

First, thank you all again for supporting the CFW athletes at the Regional competition.  They all did so well.  Their time, effort, and commitment to excellence was proved in the final standings.  We couldn’t have done it without the support you all presented.

In the next few weeks the team will be training even harder to prepare for the competition faced in California at The CrossFit Games.  Like Tanner’s post yesterday, the rest of the team will be posting some information about their training and diet during contest prep.  I wanted to give you all a little insight on what it takes to achieve the strength, power, and stamina of a Games level athlete.  Each of them does something a little different to address their own weaknesses.  Each of them has their BioSignature done weekly to aid us developing their specific nutrition and supplement protocols.  Yet you will notice each of them have much in common.  Many things (like Paleo and “the Five”) are required by us all.

You may ask how does their programming, diet, and supplementation apply to you?  It is easy to dismiss their diet and training as something you cannot do or, since you are a beginner or not quite at their level, their ways won’t work for you.  Some of the training you may not be able to handle just yet.  But the diet and supplementation programs work for everyone.  Obviously, if you are a 135lbs female, you probably won’t need the same amount of protein or BCAAs Tanner needs.  But you still need plenty of each to fuel your own progression.

Even machines need tune ups. JZ also works to correct imbalances. John placed 6th in the Individual Competition at Regionals... a monumental achievement that should not be over looked. We are happy to announce JZ has taken a spot on the CFW Team and will be competing in California.

CrossFit Wilmington now shares its space with Wilmington Strength and Conditioning.  Many of  our CFW open gym members have decided to take advantage of the expertise the strength coaches Jared Olson, James Tatum, and Casey McCarty offer.  CFW Instructors Thomas Rose, Tanner Martin, and Cody Lambert are now Wilmington Strength and Conditioning Coaches.  All of the WSC coaches are available for one on one training and teach the S & C classes (715am, 1215pm, and 530pm) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  If you’re interested in focusing on strength, you now have the means.

Congratulations to Seth, Kristina, and Renee on taking the top three spots in the Lean Out competition.  We should all take a close look at what they did and how they did it.  If you mimic them, you’ll get the same results.  Now…  for you that entered the competition but did not lose any weight, get to it.  Stop being lazy about your health and fitness.  You are the only person who can control what goes into your mouth.

I am very excited to announce I am opening up my schedule to personal training.  It doesn’t happen often, but I am available for the next three months for one on one goal oriented programming and/or nutrition and BioSignature programs.  I have 4 open spots remaining.  Contact me at Tony “at” if you’re interested.  Separately, I am still available for an unlimited number of BioSignature and Nutrition clients.

CFW's Olympic Weightlifting and instructional emphasis on technique of known throughout the CrossFit world.

I am also going to coach a 5 week Olympic Weightlifting course that will begin on Tuesday, May 22nd.  This one is an evening course.  Class will be at 630pm on Mondays and Thursdays.  Programming will be provided for Monday-Friday with Wednesdays and the weekends off for recovery.

This Memorial Day weekend, CrossFit Wilmington is co-sponsoring the Brave Soldier Challenge, an event put on by the east coast’s largest Tri and Race coordinator, Set-Up Events.  The Brave Soldier Challenge will prove to be a great test of fitness for both the athletic fitness enthusiasts and the endurance / Tri communities.  For more info and registration, see the post in our slide show above.

So what about the beach workouts?  It is that time of year again.  The problem is, after four years or fitness, fun, and sun, we are now being told by the City of Wrightsville Beach we are no longer allowed to workout there.  They told us we must obtain a permit to hold the no cost workouts.  However, we contacted them about obtaining the permits and were subsequently told they would not give us the permit.  The department head that issues the permits cited everything from disturbing the turtles to interfering with other beach go’ers use of the beach for not giving us the permit.  Finally, it was said it is because we “promote our business” with our workouts.  It remains uncertain if the City of Wrightsville Beach is cracking down on all fitness clubs and businesses that use the beach.  It is uncertain, because the unofficial word is we are not being allowed to use the beach is one of the City Alderman simply does not want us to.

Don’t worry though, I have heard a couple of the CrossFit Wilmington members, not staff, are talking about organizing their own beach workouts separately and without any help or support from us.  Stay tuned to comments for them to announce the details.  Hopefully the City of Wrightsville doesn’t have a problem with fitness loving folks (besides the Tri Club and all the others) getting together to workout in the sand and sun.

Saving the best for last… I want to thank you for your continued patronage and loyalty to CrossFit.  The CFW / WSC staff and I take great pride in providing Wilmington and Coastal NC with the highest level of health and wellness training available.  Always feel free to contact me about things we can to to improve our facility and course offerings.
Thank you again,

Eric N uses powerful hip extension for KB swings in Saturday's chipper.

Deadlift 2r x 10 (5,0,5,0)
Rest 2 minutes between sets
GHD Back Extensions 4r x 4 (3,0,1,1)
DB Shoulder Press 8r x 4 (3,0,3,0)

6 thoughts on “Checking in…

  1. t. says:

    The upcoming Olympic Weightlifting Course will be the most aggressive we’ve ever offered. The programming will focus on technique of the lifts, but also involve a serious strength and power development piece. Each participant will get personalized programming to address their strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances making it a course for all levels of lifters.

  2. Sara Clark says:

    FBBSC25 still worked as a discount code for me on Friday for Brave Soldier! SIGN UP!!!

    Also, morning open gym people! Beach stretch out and then yummy breakfast, 5:45-sunrise on Thursday, precise location TBD (Dont worry WBPD, this isn’t a workout or organized, or sanctioned by CFW, I’m just hijacking their forum) Hit me up on FB if you want more info!

  3. Jeremy B. says:

    Seeing the comment on the beach WODs made me wonder if there was anyone at Star News we could reach out to for a story… and that made me google for a story I recalled from back in 08. In either case, I found this video, I see some familiar (and young looking) faces in that video. ( #nostalgic)

  4. Meagan says:

    All of our team members and individual competitors are the most disciplined athletes I know. They stick to a program, diet, etc. I have been watching all of them work hard; starting with the Open. They each help me strive for bigger and better….so for that….thank you. Keep up all of your hard work. You guys are looking good.

    Eric…nice work man.

  5. Ronnie says:

    Kate and I worked out at reebok crossfit in Miami Beach today, our training at CFW stood out among a very large and diverse crossfit affiliate; Kate had to be partnered with the males during the OH squats… CFW ladies are beasts!!

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