Jared “J-Rod” Olson of Next Level Training will be at CFW on Saturday, October 1st to present a seminar on The Poliquin BioSignature Method and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

The BioSignature Method and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition address hormones, genetic risk factors, and lifestyle habits to help increase performance in all aspects of life – physical, mental, and intellectual.

Developed by world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, the BioSignature Method, BioSig for short, identifies hormonal imbalances and systematically corrects them with diet and supplementation.

Simply put, your body fat storage (more specifically, where on your body you’re storing fat) is directly related to hormones…  powerful hormones like insulin, cortisol, testosterone, estrogen, and others.  If one or more (more likely the case) hormones are too high or too low, your fat storage will indicate which.  Changes in your diet and lifestyle are indicated to correct the imbalance.

BioSig can be the next step in your performance goals or the first.  So whether you’re an athletic machine or a beginner trying to lose unwanted body fat, BioSignature will make a huge difference.  It is personalized and very specific per individual.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN), through a variety of lab tests, can identify specific issues from hormones to the foods you should and should not eat.  Jared is a Paleo Diet supporter, but FDN takes the Paleo Diet and lines out specifically which foods your body should not be exposed to.  Most people are very aware they shouldn’t eat french fries.  But most do not know you can actually have immune responses to vegetables and fruits.  Yes, in many cases, “healthy” foods are actually causing an inflammatory immune response.  Through FDN, you’ll know exactly which foods are interfering with your pursuit of health, fitness, and wellness.

Many of you have heard, either from myself, other CFW trainers and/or Robb Wolf, about the BioSignature Method.  On Oct 1st, come to CFW and have your first BioSignature done by Eastern North Carolina’s only BioSignature Advanced Practitioner, Jared Olson.

The Seminar is from 10am until 3:30pm with a break for lunch. Cost – $100
Sign up for the seminar now at  BioSignature Seminar

I began having my BioSig done with Jared in April, and frankly, I was amazed at how accurate the method is.  Jared is the only other strength and nutrition coach in Wilmington I trust to present health and nutrition information at CrossFit Wilmington.  Jared and I agree whole heartily nutrition is the foundation to health and performance.  His athletes at Next Level are tip top and perform at the top of their respective sports.  They utilize Poliquin’s BioSig and FDN extensively to achieve their goals.  I’ve recommended Jared’s counseling to close friends, my athletes, and my CFW Instructors.  All who are working with Jared have seen significant results.  Each comment on his knowledge and professionalism.  Come out on the 1st of October and learn about BioSig and FDN and light a fire under your goals’ proverbial a**!

Dawn snatching 70 kilos this past weekend


Front Squat 2-2-2-2-2 (2/2/x/0)
Subscapularis Pull-up 15
Ring Dips 20 total (2/1/1/2)

For time… 
15 Tire flips (350)
400m sprint
10 Tire flips
200m sprint

11 thoughts on “CFW presents… The BioSignature Method – Saturday Oct 1st

  1. Abs says:

    GAAAAA DAAAAAANG Dawn! That is AWESOME!!!! I am sooo pumped for you and your persistant training! I am pumped for today…see y’all at 5!!!

  2. Amanda W says:

    DAWN!!! Another seemingly effortless victory. I think Abby is going to have to bring out her notebook of sweet nothings and scribbles! Way to kill it!

  3. No GOOD says:

    For everyone asking when are we doing the FGB in full kit. I would like to plan it for 1230 ish time frame. SO to all our Military types, FireFIGHTERS and LEO’s show up early and plan on between 1230 and 1330 for the FULL KIT Heat. Looking forward to it! Great job CFW on almost hitting$12,000 before the actual day!!! I think we can meet it and beat it.

    Now for the Post FGB 6 , End of Summer Throw Down at my house. I will post my address in the gym on the white board. All are welcome. I will have a keg BBQ and Fire. Please come and if you wish to bring something BRING IT!!!! It will start at 1600 or 4PM. Hope to see everyone there!!!! If you remember my retirement party (cause I kind of dont haha) it will be like that but better! This is a kid friendly event.

    If you want to bring stuff here are some items
    snacks (paleo of course)
    I have a grill so bring additional meat to cook

  4. Mike Clay says:

    Tony turned me onto J-Rod to deal with my myriad of health issues (stage three adrenal fatigue, a severe gut pathogen, deficiencies in hydrochloric acid, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin d) that were mostly a result of my former fat boy ways. Tony is right, the diagnosis/treatment has been spot on!

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