***The Olympic Weightlifting class will still meet at 6 am***

There are still spaces open for the Will K Powerlifting Seminar this Saturday at 9 am. If you are interested in improving your technique and becoming stronger in the squat, deadlift and bench press, attend this seminar. Cost is $75.

No Kids Class This Saturday due to the Will K Seminar

Jamie smiles as she deadlifts 200 lbs for 3 reps.


Complete 5 rounds of the following…

Barbell Bench Press 8-10 reps
rest 10 sec (approx. the time it takes to move to the next exercise)
DB Shoulder Press 14-16 reps
rest 10 sec
Weighted Dips 8-10  reps
rest 10 sec
Hand Release Push Ups 12-15 reps
rest 45 sec

Do as much weight as possible on each exercise, the weight will likely decrease each set. Grab a partner or 2 and move through each exercise back to back.

Olympic Weightlifting

Rest day

8 thoughts on “CFW Closed Tomorrow, April 19th

  1. Meagan says:

    Nice job Jamie. So happy you are a part of Crossfit Wilmington. Hopefully we can work out together over the summer! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. IP says:

    TEAM, I have missed you all like crazy and I love checking in and seeing everyone’s progress!

    I have been doing a version of Fight Gone Bad everyday, and that has kept me out of the box, but not you guys out of my heart. It was so great to see some friends at the Step Up For Soldiers Combat Mud Run on Saturday! What a fun race and a great cause to boot!

    TONY, and the CFW team, thank you for sponsoring and for lending your hearts and minds to the planning and exceution of this awesome event. This will be a thriving semi-annual event that you all deserve credit for launching with Tom Russell @ Step Up.

    I am proud to be a once and future member of CFW and I am grateful to all of you that came out to do the Mud run. PS: my time was about 36 mins….what were some of the other times?

    Ilario Pantano aka “Blue” aka the guy who can still Smoke Ron “No Good” while 25lbs over wieght!

  3. t. says:

    Ding! It’s been a while, but here we go again. Ronbo and IP going at it on the comments is always entertaining. Nothing like a couple of old jarheads childishly bashing each other in a verbal battle. Hahaha.

    I’d like to thank Ilario and Ben Smith for putting Tom Russell and CrossFit Wilmington in the same room. Sponsoring events like this is important to me… you guys showing up to support it is important to the troopers Step Up takes care of.

    It makes me proud when a man like Tom Russell who runs an operation like Step Up For Soldiers invites CFW to sponsor his event. By doing so he not only puts our logo on his shirt, he affiliates his esteemed nonprofit with CrossFit Wilmington. That is not something I take lightly. It is not like he didn’t have other gyms and other CrossFits to choose from. So again, a huge thank you to Tom and Step Up for allowing CFW to be a big part of the race.

    With IP posting to the comments, I was reminded early voting for the primary begins tomorrow on 19 April. Vote.

  4. Josh says:

    Great work Jamie and to everyone else yesterday, we saw a lot of great numbers. Right along with t. I would also like to thank Tom Russell for the Step Up for Soldiers Program he has created and the 5K Mud run from this past weekend. I have heard nothing but great comments about the course and event as a whole. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be a sponsor.

  5. Matt M says:

    If you guys haven’t taken Will K’s seminar before I highly recommend it. Stand up guy and he definitely knows what he’s doing. And at such a killer price, not a seminar to be missed.

  6. Andrew says:

    I appreciate the good work Matt, and I know Will does as well. The course really is well priced, especially for the sheer amount of knowledge and experience he possesses.

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