CrossFit Wilmington instructors and athletes, Tanner, Larry, t., Peiwen, and Melissa, and Wilmington Strength and Conditioning instructors, James and Fletcher, traveled to Sorinex Equipment’s facility and factory in Columbia, SC.  Sorinex  hosted their fifth annual Sorinex Summer Strong event that included seminars and classes from experts from the strength & conditioning, strongman, and CrossFit worlds.

Thanks to Bert and all the Sorinex crew for hosting a very fun and informative event!  We are already looking forward to Summer Strong VI!

Melissa takes off with a cross and smiling all the way to a first place finish in the women’s event. Melissa squared off with ladies all a bit larger than herself, but scored the top spot despite her size (dis?)advantage.
Melissa’s first place finish won her a few very nice prizes from Sorinex including the yoke she’s carrying in this pic. Congrats and great job!

CFW lifter, Peiwen, and WSC Instructor, James, receive weightlifting coaching from USAW Regional Coach Don McCauley, coach of world champions and olympians.  The information and tips CFW / WSC athletes and instructors gain at events like Sorinex’s are brought back to CFW / WSC and passed on to our members.

Wilmington Strength and Condition Coach, Fletcher, reps throught the fat bar deadlifts in the WOD/Strongman event.
Larry W. making the Yoke tote look easy.
Tanner – cross carry
CFW & WSC owner, Tony… Farner’s Walk

5 thoughts on “CFW and WSC at Sorinex Summer Strong V

  1. Meredith says:

    Peiwen, you will have to tell us all about the tips you received this weekend in tomorrow’s oly class! Can not wait to here all about the experience. Great job Melissa! 🙂

  2. JROD says:

    Good job Hoff! Hard to conquer the Yoke with no experience using the equipment. Bringing the equipment back with you is one hell of a trophy! Sorinex crew are good people. Good to see Larry doing the “Srongman stuff” as he is so built for it. Looks like a lot of fun!

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