When I began CrossFit in July, 2013, I was 6 weeks post-partum with my second child. My life was definitely the craziest it had ever been. I was in a weak state both mentally and physically. I knew that I had to make myself a priority again in order to deal with the stress of 2 small children, a full-time job and having a husband who travels a ton for work.  Having been a competitive athlete in gymnastics and a cheerleader at the University of Kentucky, I have always loved pushing myself physically in a group environment, and I was kind of over the slow-paced gym routine that I had kept since moving to Wilmington in 2006.
My husband had pushed me many times to try CrossFit but I thought that a person my size (about 5’1”, <100 lbs.) would never be able to get through these workouts, especially since I had a bad knee. And a self-proclaimed Type-A perfectionist is lousy at walking into an environment where you know people are going to be better than you at a skill.  But… I was really at a low point, and was willing to try anything to feel like myself again, so I marked the calendar for the 6-week mark, when my little guy could go to childcare, and away I went.  He would be fine for an hour without me (I doubtfully hoped).

I remember going through the intro classes, thinking ok…I got this. I even did a pull-up.  And then I show up for my first real workout which was da-da-dum…Fight.Gone.Bad.   Thankfully, ignorance is bliss…you don’t know what you don’t know.  It was crazy hard. I thought I was going to throw up and I am pretty sure someone did, but afterward, I felt great. And that’s what has kept me coming back. I never thought of myself as an endorphin junkie, but I can honestly say that I am not only getting stronger than I’d ever imagined, but my ability to deal with life’s pressures is a thousand times easier on days I can come to CrossFit.  I somehow find the energy to make my kids healthy dinners and pack healthy foods for everyone to keep us all eating from the perimeter of the grocery store, and staying away from the middle, or even worse…the drive-thru.

Crossfit isn’t easy to fit it in, but life is much tougher when I don’t. So, I just schedule it and make it happen (I learned that trick from hubs who uses a calendar for practically everything).  It’s counter-intuitive because at first I thought, I don’t have time to fit in one more thing. Now I realize that because I fit in that one thing, I have time (and energy) for so much more.  I love the new confidence I feel because I am reaching new highs each week. I have achieved my goal of losing fat while gaining muscle to fill-out my frame that had gotten too thin from logging too many boring minutes on the treadmill. I love the people I get to train with each day. I love that I can lift my own luggage in the overhead bin, even if I packed too many pairs of shoes ;). I love the sense of empowerment I feel about life because of Crossfit. Oh, and knee pain…what knee pain?!

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