If  you want to compete in the Carolina CF Challenge, get registered today or the price goes up.
Register here:   www.carolinafitnesschallenge.com
Thomas and Julie test out our newest toy. Any guess as to what tomorrow’s workout will involve?

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of…
3 Snatch (185)
3 Box Jump (36″)
400 meter Run

Dawn “playing around” with the Split Jerk from the back and Overhead Squat:

11 thoughts on “Carolina CrossFit Challenge Early Registration Ends Today

  1. t. says:

    Surprise Julie G.! We’re building another one tomorrow (today) for us and another for Karen at CF Ocean Isle Beach. It’s awesome.

  2. Rachael Parker says:

    T- thanks for the oly class last night (and Rob too). It was good to work out some moves I haven’t really tried that much. you’re right, we do need 6-8 wks of that to get a good handle on the lifts. I’ll for sure be back next Thurs 🙂 oh, and my heavy ohs was 115, up from 95! super stoked about that!

  3. Joe W says:

    Hell yeah sled baby, take it from a football coach flat back, short choppy steps and don’t stop driving until the whistle blows. Can’t wait to get back in and start killin’ it again.

  4. kent says:

    i was wondering if DC is gonna be in town for the CF Challenge? If he and fellow fat boy Joshy boo are gonna come up and embarrass their selves! I will say at least Joshy boo had the balls to show up and participate. I think the last two events DC has made more excuses on why he couldnt come that it made the book of Psalms look like a short story. You cant use the excuse you’re to fat because that hasnt stopped joshy boo!!

  5. kent says:

    ju, I didnt start it !!! Joshy boo showed fat and ugly last year on his on! So thats his fault !! I just call it like i see it. Speaking of seeing it how the hell can you miss DC?? Good Lord is he still trying to conquer Iraq by eating all the food in Iraq thinking he can starve the terrorist out of hiding !

  6. kent says:

    ju, I also figured i needed to get an early start this year with ya’lls growth this year. I mean it took me a while to get Crabby Abby to finally shut up and find her place! Im sure you and t probably have some newbies that im gonna have to set straight before the 11th!

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