We’re taking pre-order and payment for Hoodies.  Just see an instructor and give them your size and payment ($35) and we’ll place the order this Friday.

6 Week Olympic Lifting Course
This Monday, December 20th we begin a new Olympic Weightlifting Training Course.
– 6 week program.  Olympic Lifting and Skill Transfer Exercises Monday – Friday each week
– 2 Classes per week:  Tuesday & Friday at 6am
– Non Class days lifting on your own (any time of day) with open gym instructor on call for coaching
– Lifting Program will be posted each day on CFW website under “WEIGHTLIFTING”
– Cost $150  Registration and Payment at Front Desk
– Enrollment is limited to 12 participants – First come / first serve

This Thursday’s Oly class will be the last until after the Oly course’s completion.

Olympic Weightlifting Meet at CrossFit Winston Salem Downtown – February 26 2011
For info and registration go to www.weightliftingevents.com

The next gen of CrossFit... CFW had the youngest competitor at Carolina CF Challenge. Jordan Lee, the youngest at 15 yrs, laid it out with professionalism and class of a grown man.

CrossFit WOD
Row 1250m for time.
As many reps as possible of (Muscle Ups/C2B Pull Ups) in 3 minutes.
– The 3 minutes for MUs/PUs begins immediately upon completion of the row.

24 thoughts on “Carolina CF Challenge – WOD 3

  1. Emily says:

    Amazing work this weekend Jordan. I loved it when you said you were going to own it when you turn 18….LOVED IT! Keep up the good work and you will definately OWN IT! 200lb front squat, my nephew would be so freakin jealous!!

  2. No GOOD says:

    Jordan….AMAZING!!!!! I dont think its going to take till your 18 to own it, im thinking 16.5 …AWESOME Kid keep it up!!!!!!

    Andrew…..the sub for a MU is ….just do the damn MU’s ……You dont hear the WPD guys or the Firemen asking WHATS THE SUB FOR A MU…….haha

  3. Scott S says:

    Jordan just keeps getting better and better. Do a WOD with the guy and you will be impressed! Nice job this weekend, Jordan!

  4. Andy C says:

    Jordan, it’s amazing to see how far you have come in the last couple of years. We are all proud of you and so glad that you call CFW home.

    Andrew, I’m with RNG on this one. Whassup!

  5. Andrew says:

    That’s cold Andy. NoGood is just pissed that the last workout he had was when he went dumpster diving to add a new piece to his Brett Michael’s collection. You on the other hand Andy…I suppose if I got to sit around the fire station playing janitor all day I’d be able to do MUs too. I mean, the urinals have to be amazingly clean at this point haha.

  6. No GOOD says:

    Andy is it me or did we just get the ROOKIE all flustered…..I really dont know what hes worried about he never does the WOD’s he usually does this super secret state troop elite workout …its almost as gay as seal fit hahaha

  7. Dawn says:


    You are an amazing athlete. Congrats again on beating me on the front squats!!!! 🙂 Keep it up, you are going to be unstoppable!!!

  8. Andrew says:

    Almost RNG, almost. I don’t have good hair. I’ve also done 4 WODs in the last two weeks. Pretty amazing huh.

  9. Josh says:

    WE ARE PUTTING IN ANOTHER CFW SWEATSHIRT ORDER. WE WANT TO GET THESE DONE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Here’s the deal: We are doing the sweatshirts as PRE-ORDER/ PRE-PAY. You have between now and closing THURSDAY to bring your money to CFW and sign up at the front desk. Cost is $35 cash or check only! Make checks payable to Josh Edwards.

    Great job this weekend Jordan! You are a beast

  10. Whitney says:

    Dear CFW, instead of working out today, I will be at my desk stress eating an entire Harry and David gift basket that was just delivered. Right now I’m eating a dark chocolate covered, caramel s’more. next up: toffee popcorn mixed with chocolate covered popcorn. Carry on.

  11. No GOOD says:

    Andrew…….one word for that hair prob…ROGANE…….millions of men and women cant be wrong….

    Josh Please order me a Large please

    Whitney,……stop walk away…..dont do it …….or at least share hahahahaha

  12. peter says:

    Are the new sweatshirts just reorders of the black with crossfit wilmington on the back or is a new design? If it’s a new design is there one posted that we can look at?

  13. Whitney says:

    My body actually wouldn’t let me binge. The s’more tasted horrible, the popcorn was gross too. I just put it down after 1 bite of each. But THEN another gift box showed up with all salty popcorn instead of sweet and Jon just removed that from my office after a few minutes. If you’re a customer thanking a vendor with a gift, DON”T SEND JUNK FOOD! It’s just not nice.

  14. Jana Fogleman says:

    Jordan! Great job Saturday! Whitney… tell your clients to get you gift cards for new workout clothes and attire since you are looking good sister!!!!
    …good luck on the WOD tonight CFW… make sure to hold on to the bar really tight 🙂 … for what NOT to do watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxgGhb1T6cg

  15. Ju says:

    Jordan you are definitely an athelete to watch out for. Not many 15 yr olds have the drive and the determination that you do.

    Whit… HAhAhAHA too funny. I’m glad the candy didn’t take you down.

    Jana, OMG when you fell my heart fell in my stomach. When you realized where you were you got right back up and continued with the wod. I still think the judges should of giving you more time! You go girl!!!

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