1900 Eastwood Road, located in Lumina Station

Dining Out Paleo

Are you eating paleo and finding it difficult to go out to eat without being bombarded by bread, pasta or potatoes in nearly every dish?  Well look no further than Cameo 1900 in Lumina Station, right off of Eastwood rd.  Their menu offers a variety of paleo and gluten free items, sure to satisfy your cravings without breaking your diet. Served tapas style, these small dishes are designed to be shared and paired, offer a chance to experience many diverse dishes and flavors. Check out their website cameo1900.com for more information.

From Bo:
I just want to Thank Crossfit Wilmington for helping me to achieve the impossible. I came to Crossfit Wilmington over a year ago with ambition of Special Forces. They took me under their wing and lead me down the path of righteousness. The mental and physical conditioning I received there allowed me to prove all doubters wrong. The trainers and the atmosphere in the gym are irreplaceable. So now it’s time for me to fill the shoes of the most driven soldiers in the military. You are all with me every step of the way. KEEP UP THE FIRE! ~ Bo

*Last year Bo volunteered for and attended Special Forces Assesment and Selection (SFAS) and passed his first attempt.  He is now a student in the Special Forces Qualification  Course (SFQC) learning the skillsets required to become a member on a SF OD-A.

Bo says CFW helped him achieve “the impossible”.  While courses our Special Operations community require may seem impossible, men with a certain mindset and mental toughness, men like Bo, pass each course and continue on to do the dangerous work required of SOCOM units all over the world.  Bo thanks CFW for being a part of his success…  CFW, rather, thanks Bo for his service and allowing CFW to be part of his preparation.

As we post this, CFW has six young men in preparation for Special Operations selection courses in the Army, Marine Corps, and Navy.  Do not fail Gentlemen, it isn’t that difficult and is worth the pain.

Clean Grip High Pull –  8 sets of 3 reps with 1 minute of rest b/tw sets
*Work up to a challenging weight for three reps.  That is set number 1 of your 8.

For time…
50 Power Clean to Thruster (135/95)
* 5 Burpee’s EMOM (Start WOD w/ Thrusters)

5 thoughts on “New Gluten Free Menu In ILM and a Note From Bo

  1. brock wilson says:

    Hey Bo- While I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you. Congrats to you and thanks for your service to our country, especially in this dangerous time. CFW crew, well done! Your contributions to Bo’s readiness are substantial, I’m sure.

  2. Kelly L says:

    Question….if we are planning to do the Sept 3rd heros workout, do we register at the gym or online?

  3. Abs says:

    Neve a doubt in my mind Bo!!!! You work so hard and with out question one of the nicest people i know! Congrats and keep rolling! So much stuff coming up I am excited to get to WORK!!! Hero WOD Saturday…where do we register? Do we??? Oh and the weight on this WOD is gonna be brutal fun!!!

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