Foam RollHamstrings
Row 1,500m*
Every minute on the minute perform 4 Lateral burpees over the rower

10/8/2021 - Interval Test

Every 3 Minutes Until Failure
Row 16/13 Calories
13 Front Squats 115/80lbs
2 Muscle Ups*
*Add 2 Muscle Ups each round.
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10/8/2021 - Skill

3 Rounds
10 Devils Press AHAP*
Rest 3:00
*Go as heavy as you can without resting during sets or drastically changing form
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10/8/2021 - Accessory

EMOM 12 Minutes, rotating:
1- :30 Strict Toes to Bar*
2- 25 DB Strict Press (light weight, speedy reps)
3- Lunge Hold right
4- Lunge Hold left
*NO swinging, slowly lower legs
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10/8/2021 - WOD

AMRAP 9 Minutes
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs* 24/20″
20 Alternating Pistols
25 GHD Sit Ups  
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