Foam Roll Shoulders
Every 2:00 For 8:00
Run 200m
10 KB Swings

9/14/2021 - Strict/Bench

Strict Press
70% Across
Press like it’s 90%


Bench Press
Build across sets, maintain speed.
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9/14/2021 - SKILL

Double KB Push Press
Rest as needed
Traditional KB front rack, do not stack them on your shoulders/traps.
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9/14/2021 -ACCESSORY

Every 3:00 for 12:00
20 Russian KB Swings AHAP
10 V Up Complexes
Max Noes and Toes Handstand Hold
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9/14/2021 - WOD

AMRAP 6 Minutes – Climb Down the Ladder
14 Lateral Burpee Box Jump Overs 20/16″
14 DB Goblet Lunge Steps 60/40lbs
14 Alternating Hang DB Snatch 60/40lbs
12-12-12, 10-10-10, etc
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