2:00 in Saddle Pose
Every 2:00 For 6:00
3 Wall Walks
6 Calorie Ski
9 Front Squats

7/20/2021 - Strength

Every 3:00 for 15:00
5 Pause Front Squats

A full “1 One Thousand” count in your head or by a training partner at the bottom each rep. Start near 65% and only build if all five reps allow you to stand up through great positioning.
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7/20/2021 - EXTRA CARDIO

2 Rounds
800m Run
Rest 4:00
3 Rounds
400m Run
Rest 3:00
4 Rounds
300m Run
Rest 2:30
5 Rounds
200m Run
Rest 2:00
Starting at your 5K Pace, work to be faster each round.
Pacing: Reach

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7/20/2021 - EXTRA ABS

EMOM 12 Minutes
1- 15 Barbell Sit Up
2- Single Leg Wall Sit Hold
Rotate legs every other lunge hold; you will complete 3 rounds each leg.
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7/20/2021 - WOD

AMRAP 21 Minutes
15/12 Calorie C2 Bike
3 Power Cleans 185/125lbs
30′ HS Walk
Rest :30
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