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6/30/2020 - Strength

Deadlift Recovery Week

Every 5min. x 4 rounds:

500m Row (not a sprint)


Round 1.) 5 Deadlifts @30% of 1RM

Round 2.) 5 Deadlifts @40% of 1RM

Round 3.) 5 Deadlifts @40% of 1RM

Round 4.) 5 Deadlifts @50% of 1RM

Hit the row with about 80-85% effort. Should be around 1:45-1:50 for men and about 2:05 range for women.

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6/30/2020 - WOD

10min. AMRAP:
Russin KB Swings 70/53lb
DB Russian Twists 35/25lb.
Sit-Ups (anchored)

*You will not finish this, but get as far as you can.
*Left + Right = 1 on Twists
*Feet will be anchored under DB handle or around KB
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