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6/19/2020 - Strength A

Back Squat (4 x 3)
3 at 60% of 1RM
3 at 70% of 1RM
3 at 80% of 1RM
Max Unbroken Reps at 90% of 1RM (shooting for more than 3)

*No resting at the top of any reps for more than 1sec. Constant movement.

Optional Superset:
3-5 Heavy Barbell Hip Thrusts

Rest 2min. After These Sets Today. Need more rest for these high percentages.
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6/19/2020 - WOD

3min. AMRAP:

300m Row
10 Barbell Bench Press 135/75
Max Toes-To-Bar
Rest 1min.

Repeat for 5 Total Rounds

RX+ can be any weight that you know you can do 10 unbroken with each set that is more than 135/75.

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