billIt’s important that you know of the good you’ve done for me.

Some members are aware of the issues I’ve had with my arm. It’s been a long bumpy road that I have been on for years. The pain, meds, and disappointment had me pretty banged up. A new-to-me doctor assured me that he could fix my arm, but there was more than the arm that was damaged. My self-confidence took a big hit too. I had a lot of work to do.

An element of my comeback plan was remembering what I was capable of. Many years ago, I was a young buck-Sergeant with competence and confidence to spare. I wanted to be reminded of that constantly. That’s what the tattoos are mostly about. I also needed to associate with people who would help me get back on my feet. The people one associates with will either lift them up or drag them down. That is a given. I knew CrossFit athletes are exceptionally tough; mentally and physically. I figured trying to keep up would go a long way to getting me back on my feet.

Last summer I signed on. It didn’t take long for weaknesses in my arm to indicate more work needed to be done. I did that over the past winter. So, from last summer to recently, I’ve been half-stepping, somewhat fragile in body and mind. But doing the cleans that we’ve been doing, without my arm falling off, has me thinking I’ll get everything back. And a little muscle under those tattoos goes a long way to restoring my self-confidence.

I would not have recovered so well without the coaches and members here at Crossfit Wilmington. It is my obligation, and pleasure to thank you.

billThomas was right there for me as I struggled with inability and then rehab. For months, I showed up in the weight area, and did little. Never a hint of anything negative from him. He supported me in whatever I wanted to do. When Thomas left for school, Josh took over looking out for me. He is so good with people. Just today, he had me doing a snatch after I told him I couldn’t. Cody and Greg have been terrific, giving me a little push or a little room, whatever I needed that day. I am deeply indebted to all you guys.

To each member who greeted me, encouraged me, and told me to have a good day, thank you. I know that I am not the best fit for you young people. But you’ve been good for me. Every time you showed me friendship and respect, you picked me up. Everyday that I workout, talk with you a bit, then sit exhausted in my chair, I tell my wife how good my life is now. You helped me get to this good place.

My wife and I are grateful.
Bill Lightener



6 thoughts on “Bill’s Journey

  1. Kelly Lehman says:

    I loved reading this. Bill, I have seen you in passing but not had the pleasure of talking with you personally. That has been my loss. You sound very interesting and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you continued recovery and much success in reaching your goals. Thank you for being yet another example of what determination and hard work can achieve.

  2. Amanda W says:

    This is my favorite success story as of yet. Bill, thank you for sharing. I have no doubt your progress will continue. Your story is motivational and nothing short of inspiring. Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing you in the gym!

  3. DIllon Paulus says:

    Inspiring, humble, and eloquently written Bill. I have not had the pleasure of meeting you but definitely look forward to the moment. Keep exercising, stretching, lifting, recovering, and probably the most important, enjoy the hard earned rewards when you look in the mirror my friend.
    To the community, this is the reason that we all come to the box day in and day out. Why we don’t go to Globo-Gym. Why we put up with the pain, rips, and exhaustion. It is a friendly smile and kind greeting from a person who will sweat with you and then urge you on, driving you to finish and excel. I love this gym, these people, and the entire community. Thank you again for sharing Bill.

  4. Whitney Ross Gray says:

    Bill! Great to see you on here. I love your dedication. I am so glad you are experiencing and enjoying success. You work hard and you deserve it.

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