I used to be one of the “elliptical women” at the gym who never lifted weights. When I joined Crossfit this summer, I was one of the weakest (probably the weakest) person in my classes. I always used the 15 lb barbell – what I called “the baby bar” – instead of the regular-sized barbell and I needed a small dumbbell for any one-handed kettle bell work because even the smallest kettle bell was too heavy. My weakness, coupled with an old running injury, made me imbalanced and susceptible to injury so the Crossfit crew recommended that I focus on my strength with one month at WSC. I had such a marvelous time and saw such great results in Casey’s 5:15 class that I stayed for two. Even though I’ve still got a ways to go before I’m doing prescribed weights in the WODS, the change in my strength was more than I thought possible in such a short amount of time. Since transitioning back to Crossfit two weeks ago, I haven’t needed the “baby bar” for any of the WODs and I was finally able to use a kettle bell for one-handed ground-to-overheads that was heavy enough to give me a big bruise on my arm. That bruise might be a rainbow of ugly but it’s a reminder of how strong WSC made me and a challenge to keep getting stronger.