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It’s already March! Can you believe it?? I sure can’t. But, you know what that means, beach season is right around the corner!

You know, the time of year to wear as little clothing as possible, catch some sun rays, and take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

We want you to look stunning on your first trip to the beach. The kind of look that will turn heads while you’re strolling down Wrightsville Beach. Yeah, you know the look!

We are offering the Beach Body Buns and Guns class at CrossFit Wilmington, just in time for beach season!

Men and women will be training separately and targeting different body parts.

For men we will working the “beach muscles” that don’t get a lot of love in CrossFit. We’re talking bis, tris, pecs, and abs. With targeted reps and sets to build muscle fast!

For women we are targeting the legs, glutes, and abs. You’ll be doing reps and sets that are very effective at tightening up the lower body.

Groups will meet on Wednesday nights at 6pm with your coaches, and will also be given 2 “homework” workouts that can be done on your own here at CFW, or elsewhere.

Cost is $105 for CFW members and $155 for non-members which will include access to the facility 2 additional days for your “homework” We start April 6th!

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