Scott Stalls has donated a Carribean Vacation to the Marriot Frenchman's Reef Resort in St. Thomas For Fight Gone Bad 6. Valued at over $1,000, the trip will be raffled off at the FGB event for $20 per ticket. All of the raffle money will go to support the FGB causes.


Battle Ropes 6 x 20 sec intervals
Front Plank 3 x 1 min
Left Plank 3 x 1 min
Right Plank 3 x 1 min
3 x prowler push 50 m (sled + 45)
3 x sled pull 50 m (sled + 45)

7 thoughts on “Battle Ropes

  1. jd says:

    Awesome Scott! I don’t think we have met but my wife and I stayed up the road at the Frenchman’s Cove a few years ago. Such a beautiful location and whoever wins this will have a great time. Thank you so much for your donation!! Hopefully this will kick-start even more donations as FGB draws near!! Also it was a great day back at CFW this am after a few weeks off!

  2. Albert Steed says:

    That is awesome Scott. I will be buying my tickets. Do we have to be there to win? Not sure how long on Saturday I will be able to stay. 🙂

  3. Abs says:

    It is no St Thomas but got a 2 night stay at the Marriott on CB coming to the fundraiser! Scott again…THANKS!!! and fundraisers past you did not HAVE to be there to win…

  4. Mike M says:

    I just came in the gym and saw the team competitions are getting ready to start back up… Our team won this thing last year. Do I smell a “Team Shocker” repeat???? Abby…..Melissa?? Where ya’ll at!!!

  5. Abs says:

    We are the Champions myyyyy friends….and we’ll kepp on SHOCKING til the eeeeennnndddd! Mike I think we should have a chance to REPEAT…so when the teams are MADE I hope that we can keep that in mind so we may DEFEND our TITLE…..agghmmm JOSH aggghmmmm

  6. Em says:

    Abs & Mike, it will be luck of the draw I have no doubt. First time we did this, my team won…don’t think anyone from that team was on the same team last time….makes it more interesting in this old girls opinion. As for the raffle…I agree with Amanda, um yes please!!! That’s freakin awesome!!! Thank you for such a wonderful gift Scott! And Abs, a quick get away locally is great too! Thank you for that gift too! Great stuff so far, can’t wait to see what other goodies show up.

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