Carolina Fitness Challenge Recap
We had many great experiences and watched a hell of a group of athletes compete at this year’s Carolina Fitness Challenge. Crossfit Wilmington had five competitors in the Finals. Tanner, JZ and Zach (we still claim him) represented the men, while Amanda and Felice represented the women. Melissa and Anthony missed the finals by only 1 point each. Congratulations to all our men and women who competed this weekend. Thank you to all who took the time to travel to Durham to watch the Competition and to all you who sent well wishes and good luck to all of us.

Dog Food Run to Gold’s This Saturday
Saturday the workout of the day is going to be a run to Gold’s Gym on Racine Drive.  Not just a run…  a run with dog or cat food to support Tim B.’s / Gold’s Gym Dog Food Drive.

At 10am we will start at CrossFit Wilmington and run the 2.4 miles to Gold’s Gym on Racine Drive with a bag of dog or cat food to drop off. How large the bag is, is up to you.  It can even be just a can (all workouts are scalable!).  You can put it in a backpack, carry it on your shoulder, in your pocket (assuming it’s a can), or put it in a cart or wheel-barrel if you want. Once you drop it at Gold’s, it’s up to you how you get back to CrossFit Wilmington.  You can arrange for a pick up or run back.

Oyster and Pig Roast this Saturday
After the food drive we are going to have a Oyster and Pig Roast. If you don’t care for either, we will have the grills fired up so that you can throw whatever you like on them. Sign up in the lobby for side dishes. We will start the Roast at Noon. We will set up an area for the kids to make decorations for our CFW Christmas Tree. There might even be a special visit from a certain fat guy who live’s up in the North Pole!

Felice after completing Event #1

Back Squat 3-3-3-3 (2/1/1/1)

As many reps as possible in 12 minutes of…

20 Air Squats w/ Bumper plate (45/25)
20 m Overhead Walking Lunge
20 Plyo Push-ups w/ hand release at bottom
20 m Sprint

Olympic Weightlifting
Power Snatch+OHS+snatch (2 sec pause in the bottom of OHS and snatch) @ 75% x 5 sets
Power Clean+Front Squat+Clean+Jerk (5 sec pause in split) @75% x 5 sets
Front squat 3 reps x 5 sets (2 sec pause at the bottom)

12 thoughts on “Back Squat and Event #1

  1. Will says:

    Does anybody have a leaf blower that I could borrow for a day or 2? I would be very appreciative and might even go easy on you if you’re in one of my classes tonight haha

  2. Meagan says:

    My legs are cussing me out just reading that workout. Haha.

    Felice and Amanda….you two are so amazing. Amanda, I love the fact that you had a baby less than a year ago and you are BEASTING the challenge. My hero! Felice, girlfriend…you showed no mercy to that final WOD even though your hands were torn. Way to push through and fight to the end. You two are my inspiration 🙂

  3. Edwin says:

    I posted some video of the challenge on my youtube channel (edwinatthebeach) for anybody interested. Great videos of Meagan, Dawn, Jennifer, and Daniel all doing work in WOD #3. Enjoy!

  4. Scott S says:

    Anyone else still sore from Durham? Oh wait a minute, never mind… for anyone trying it today, go hard, go fast you will love it!

    For anyone thinking about going to an event for the first time – GO! No matter how you do, you will love the experience. CFW has a great reputation and lots of friends from other boxes. You are part of something bigger than you realize.

  5. Tanner says:

    Way to brave the cold this morning 6 am crew! That AMRAP was a toughie. I’m seeing some great squats out of you all too!

  6. Zach Brock says:

    Thank you all for the support this weekend. It was good to see everyone. Great job to all competitors!

  7. Sensei says:


    I had such an amazing time spending my Saturday being in Durham with you all! Thank you so much for another year of ASS KICKING and LAUGHING!!

    So much pain, joy and fierceness!

  8. Cullen says:

    I’m going to echo Scott’s comments and just recommend that you “GO” if you haven’t participated in an event. There aren’t enough words to describe the emotions that you go through at an event like Saturdays. I was humbled, excited, relieved, nervous, but most of all amazed at the caliber of athlete that attends this type of event. To watch an 80 lb. girl (she looked like she wasn’t old enough to vote) deadlift 185 lbs and see an entire box erupt was moving & inspiring. I will forever be impressed by the Crossfit Community and even more so now that I’ve gone to & participated in an event.
    To our entire crew that showed up and represented – awesome job! CFW is an amazing box with amazing people and phenomenal athletes who never cease to amaze. Now we just have to get Tony to host an event here in Wilmington!

  9. Em says:

    Great time this weekend. Always a great event to watch and get re-motivated.
    Very Happy Birthday to my hubby!! Happy birthday Josh, hope you have a great day!

  10. Felice says:

    1- Happy Birthday Josh!
    2- congrats to everyone who competed this weekend! There were so many great moments that happened on saturday that I can’t even name them all! Great job to everyone!
    3- Thank you to everyone who came out just to watch and support us! you guys are so awesome to spend your saturday doing something for someone else, thank you!
    4- thank you Emily for taking care of my hands =) they are doing good. I’ll be back to new in no time!

  11. Anthony says:

    Great job to everyone this weekend. 3X to what Scott said, get out and partake of the festivities. This was my first event and it is truly awe inspiring to experience. From the work being done to the communal support. WE really had a great time. Fullsteam Brewery and an Asian Food truck right around the corner afterward were pretty damn nice as well.

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