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“If you go to avenge Grandma’s death, it gets hard to even remember Little Red Riding Hood’s freakin’ name when you find yourself surrounded by the BB Wolf’s entire pack! – A Sheepdog 

A good read on blame:

      I heard before, in the modern American “woe is me” culture, success is all about knowing who to blame for your failures.  It’s almost a truth.  But when does it stop?  When does reality come crashing down on you and you realize your problems are your own fault.
      It’s easy, but transferance of blame to isn’t going to help you achieve your goals.  Worse, people around you can see through it.  Some may placate you, some will feel sorry for you, those really close to you may take up for you and defend you to no end.  But at some point, you have to look at yourself in a mirror and be accountable. 
       Good people will only look at you with content and distance themselves from you.  
       Wether it’s training, diet, or any other aspect of life, if you’ve problems, they’re probably your fault.  A rather smart fella said to me a few years back, “you can either be part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem”.  Being accountable isn’t just being part of the solution, but creating it.
       Be accountable for your actions.  Everyone failsl.  No one is perfect, but if you aren’t strong enough to own your actions, no person will respect you.  
       Own them even when the the wolves are all around… atleast then, they will respect you when they eat you.

“It’s Not a Race For Last” – from Catalyst, by Joe Kenn

“How to/Fish Oil/Moderation” – Robb Wolf

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