Little Monsters!
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WOD:  7 rounds for time…

  • 10 deadlift (155-m / 95 – f) 
  • 5 pull ups
  • 20 sledge swings
  • 500 meter row

0 thoughts on “Posted: 9/6/2008

  1. thomas says:

    Josh, thanks for the workout today man. Those sledge swings for time were great. Hopefully t. will post the viking workout soon.

  2. Jason Beninate says:

    monster are scary…but little monster are a totally different level of intimidation…get 'em lil ones

  3. clair says:

    thomas you can say what you want, but todays wod sucked on a whole new level.There isnt many workouts that last 25 mins or more.Im not sure what the "viking workout" is but Iwill try it.

  4. Sensei says:

    yeah, 27:03 of NOTHING BUT WORK Is something that even the hardest to impress viking females would have swooned over! Yet another succesful day of CrossFitting my friends! Thank you for the encouragement!

  5. thomas says:

    yeah i did the oly lifts with josh that t. sent over today. i saw everybodys times and knew that it had to suck really bad. Congrats to all who did the wod today.