Don’t forget about the new schedule we begin this week.  Training days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Thursday is now Mobility / Recovery.

Tuesday night at 7pm – The Paleo Plus Diet / Intro to Eating the Oldest Diet Known to Mankind




– Total
Squat – 1rm
Bench – 1rm
Deadlift – 1rm

Take as much time between attempts and lifts as needed.

Wilmington Weightlifting Club

Snatch – 80% x 5 x 2
Snatch pull – 110% x 4 x 3
Back squat (with a two second pause at full depth) – 5 x 2

4 thoughts on “9/30/2013

  1. Andrew Smith says:

    Ohhhhhhhh hell yes! I like this split already…I smell some serious strength work on the horizon…

    BTW…just as an FYI…spot a back squat from the back (nut to butt). One back spotter done correctly is far safer and more valuable than two side spotters without a rear spotter. No matter how quickly they move, they cannot take the weight fast enough to affect a change. Just a pet peeve of mine…nice squat T.

  2. t. says:

    Andrew – Agreed. I let them do it because I knew I wasn’t missing that lift. Also, lift in the rack, not outside it like I was. It is not a good reason, but I was hitting heavy singles not maxing. CFW has squat racks so we can lift heavy with confidence and without the chance of getting crushed… use ’em! It saddens me to see so many CF gyms wasting money on stationary bicycles and other junk toys and then have their members squat out of the relative unsafe press racks. Of course, those are the gyms that wonder why CFW has the strongest athletes!

    Get after it today CFW! The total is one of the most important days at the gym. Your total is your baseline for all the lifts we will do over next 10 weeks. Don’t mess about. Push it and give it your all today!

  3. Christina D says:

    If we cant come in today should we make up the workout Thursday or another day this week? or just stick to our prior 1 RM?

  4. t. says:

    Christina… yes, Thursday will be the make up day for the total. Just FYI, you’ll want to take it easy (rest day) on Wednesday so you’ll be ready for the lifts on Thursday.

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