Will – kb swings.


30 reps for time…

  • Clean and Overhead (m- 135 / f- 75)

 The weight starts on the floor, the clean can be a power or squat clean. The weight can be pressed, push pressed, or jerked to overhead.  There is no requirement for separating the two movements as there is in Oly Lifting competitions for the Clean and Jerk.  So therefore the weight can be received in the squat and a thruster can be used to get the weight overhead.  Overhead is arms locked with the weight over the spine.

Video of Jeremy Theil doing the heavy Grace at the games:
This vid was posted on the main site last Saturday and it stirred some interesting chat on the comments page.  What do you guys think about it? 

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  1. Jeff says:

    Went to the Level I Cert this past weekend at Camp Pendleton and did very well. I attribute that to all I learned from Tony, Josh and Darren. I'd like to thank you guys for all the advice and experience. I still follow CFW WODs over the main website, whether I'm at Crossfit Central CT on leave or Crossfit Ripper in 29 Palms where I'm at now. I've seen the best results with you guys. Hope to be able to drop back in sometime. Thanks.

  2. t. says:

    Good to hear from ya Jeff. Thanks for the words Bro. I hope everything's going good out there. Come back whenever you can.

  3. daniel says:

    Hello everybody.

    Don't you have some exercise substitute for clean and overhead?

    This is very complicated for a novice or even an intermediate, and can cause back injuries for people like me, that i am still trying to train wrist flexibility to hold the bar on my shoulders :-).

    thank in advance

  4. t. says:

    Daniel, there is always a subsitition. I would suggest working on the cleans & press/jerk with light weight, not completely changing the exercise. Use the Grace as a technique training day.

  5. t. says:

    Good to hear from ya Jeff. Thanks for the words Bro. I hope everything's going good out there. Come back whenever you can.

  6. Andrew says:

    T, with regards to the video and the subsequent comments. Everybody wants to take a shot at the person on top. Jealousy dictates that. There's a lot more that could be said, but the lack of knowledge, awareness and tact by some of the posters makes it difficult to make an intelligent point free from personal opinion.

  7. DC says:

    hey guys just a reminder for those of you who are thinking about doing "FGB" on sat. We are doing it at Costal Crossfit at noon. You can go before if you need to. also To compete in the workout, all participants must complete each of the following:
    Register with their local CrossFit Affiliate Center by Wednesday, September 24, 2008
    Register with Athletes for a Cure at http://athletes.kintera.org/crossfit08 by Wednesday, September 24, 2008
    Raise $150 or more in pledges by 5 pm PDT on Saturday, September 27, 2008
    All donations counting toward the awards must be received by 5 pm PDT September 29, 2008. So today is the last day to join the team.. and you don't to rasie a total of $150 that if you want to get the tshirt and other stuff but the min. is $20 if you have any questions let me know. This was all last minute so do get upset if you can't do it..

  8. Sensei says:

    Oh and another thing….Charlie!!! Thanks for the Jackie!! I don't know whether to be honored or insulted! HA HA…I owe you my friend, Let's do a WoD together! And Dan if you keep kicking my butt at WoD's I am going to tie you down and force feed you twinkies! lol Great job guys, you encourage me to push myself more than I do. THANK YOU!!

  9. Sensei says:

    I just registered and completed everything for the FGB fundraiser this Saturday. Is was really easy and fun to do. You get your own little donation website and everything. My goal I set at $200.00 and after donating $20 myself and after e-mailing over 40 friends and family. The goal should not be hard to reach. DC, do I need to do anything with CFW before Saturday? other than meet up with you all then? Thanks,

  10. Andrew says:

    Earlier at the gym, Darren pointed out that a lot of the comments in the link above were discussing the differences in technique between that video and what is on the main page. When I was reading through the comments, I got wrapped up in all the commentary about how he must be on gear and how he was roid raging at the end. That is what my earlier comment referenced.

  11. t. says:

    The rules for Grace were modified for the Games. They allowed the weight to stay in motion. Jeremy is using the thruster to get the weight overhead. If you watch the guy behing him, he cleans the weight, stands with the weight in the rack position, then push press/jerks the weight to overhead. Either were allowed. The quidelines I posted for today's WoD are from the Games (**or close to them).

  12. Zach says:

    "i" I think that it is so funny that you are so interested in CFW that you actually get on our website and read our comments every single day. You can't even reveal who you are or even make a normal comment like "good job", or "keep the hard work up." You are wasting your time for no reason. I am sorry for you and what ever it is that you are involved in.

  13. ADAM says:

    Hey andrew what is the game plan for saturday? im thinking about doing FGB at the begining of out lunch break with a couple of the other guys. i just dont want that to mess things up for the other half of the session.

  14. Maria says:

    You wanna know what's great about crossfit?? It forces us to do things out of our comfort zone. When we all used to work out in "regular gyms" we subconsciously did all the things that we were good at. These were the things that we got personal positive reenforcement for – and so we continued to work at them. So we improve at all the things we were successful at and ignored things that were difficult for us. Crossfit, on the other hand, forces us to do things outside of our comfort zone. For example – ifleft to our own devices – how many of us would avoid overhead squats like the plague?? But because we feel some sick compulsion "to complete the WOD" – we do it and it makes us stronger! Mike and I are so competitive with each other. Sometimes he beats me sometimes I beat him – but the great thing is that when your feeling all high and mighty like you did something good – all you have to do is show up the next day and knocked right back down to size. It keeps us all humble!

  15. DC says:

    Hey guys I just wanted to say WOW our team for sat is doing great.. we so far have raise almost $1,500 and we only have 12 people going so far.. great job and keep it up….

  16. Andrew says:

    Adam, if you get there at the beginning and knock FGB out, you should be alright though you might be cutting it close. I think that Will is going to be doing either Squat and Bench in the morning or Dead and Bench in the morning and then leave the other lift for the afternoon session. I'm not sure how heavy he is going to have everybody work up to, so you might be a bit taxed. I don't really know what to tell ya. If nothing else go and do FGB and if you have to drop the weight even lower on your form work, then so be it. I'd make sure you had plenty to eat and drink afterward, something to replenish you pretty quickly so you feel alright back at the gym.

  17. Shawn K says:

    FYI morning crew… I ran into Pete downtown today. He's been working the night shift. He's been coming in a little later when able.