"Weight Gazing"

    You’ve seen the weight gazers on the floor. They’re the ones in the middle of a kickass Fran or a raging FGB who feel the need to pause and assess the apparatus they’ve just spent hard won reps lifting, pulling, or slamming. Why? Because they have fallen into the mental trap of weight gazing. Most commonly they’re just coming off a metabolically demanding exercise, and they spend valuable moments pausing before engaging a strength component. In our Fran example, the gazer comes off the pull up bar and stops for 10-30 seconds before starting to negotiate the Thruster. Instead, our intrepid Crossfitter should grasp the bar immediately and crank out as many reps as possible, even if it’s only one or two, to break the psychological pause of moving from one exercise to another. Once that positive feedback cycle of exercise / progress / exercise has resumed the athlete can start to accurately assess his or her rest needs. The trap of weight gazing is almost exclusively mental – of course we’re tired, but we make negligible metabolic recovery by abstaining from that first rep. 
    We’ve often times heard Jerry [Hill] say "Rest Smart" – take three to five deep breaths and fire it up again. Utilize this technique and see valuable seconds recovered, intensity retained, and inevitable improvement achieved.

By Ray Kaplan of CrossFit Challenge

 Clair – knees to elbows.


4 rounds for time…

  • 5 Weighted Pull Ups (m-45/f-25)
  • 5 Handstand Push Ups
  • 16 One legged Squats (8 per leg)


0 thoughts on “Posted: 9/20/2008

  1. Sensei says:

    I am plagued with "weight gazing" this paragragh helps me it a lot…..If I remember to apply it……I mostly have a problem with "run gazing". I'm like a dude on Fear Factor "gazing" at the Madagascar hissing cokroach thinking just do it man just do it! …eeeewww No way man running sucks..LOL

    I am running today.

  2. t. says:

    Andrew… it’s weight gaze, not meat gaze. Seriously, this article, posted on the main site af blog last September, put alot into perspective for me. It got me my first sub 3min Fran. You guys always hear me yelling “just pick up the bar” or “just do one!” This article is where that comes from. Even on one rep maxes, you’ll hear me say walk away from it and come back. This article isn’t about physiology as much as psychology… MINDSET!

  3. Andrew says:

    Damn Tony, that's pretty beat up. If by "meat", you really meant the many attractive women we have at CFW, then I'd be inclined to agree.

  4. Tracy says:

    CROSSFIT ROCKS!! Today proved it for me! The triathlon was awesome! My times were amazing! DROPPED 8 minutes since my last race in July! So psyched!! Great job Maria, Dan and Mike! Julie, Dawn and Clair great to see you guys there! Thanks for the support! I am on Cloud 9!! I plan on staying there even though this week I am going camping with 40 Middle Schoolers!! But I will be back the following week!!

  5. Shawn K says:

    Tracy, is that some kinda psycho enurance WoD Tony cooked up for you? Surely you didn't volunteer for such torture… 40 middle-schoolers… camping!?

  6. Maria says:

    Tracy your enthusiasm is almost infectious. Really my first triathlon was no big deal. I got beat by several senior citizens, then I came home devoured 3 lunches, and slept for an hour. all in a day's work.