CFW’s and WWC’s are hosting Wilmington’s first USAW sanctioned weightlifting meet this Saturday, September 21st.  Whether you are an experienced lifter, or just want to get your feet wet in your fist meet, sign up and lift.  Not sure about competing?  Just swing by and see how much fun it can be.  The area’s best lifters will be on hand and putting up big numbers.  Who knows… you might get to see your coaches sporting a singlet!
Click here for more info.

Child care will be available from 9am until 2pm for the USAW meet.

There will be no CrossFit classes or kids class on Saturday. 



The morning crew post-workout.
Great job to the morning crew!


Mobility Class

Open Gym

11 thoughts on “9/18/2013

  1. DC says:

    As someone who has been at CFW since it was being built (even though there have been breaks in there..) I’m honored to be back, but also disappointed on some of the things I see.
    1st- Most of us see the game monsters and say 1 day I want that, but on a day like today your not in the gym. WHY?? MOBILITY is something EACH and everyone works on. It is a huge part of injury prevention and recovery. If you don’t know how to KIP, do handstand push ups or any other movements this is the perfect time to work on your skills with someone. Coming in during a wod that has these movements will just take longer for you to master.
    2. CFW was built and founded by 1 thing; a STANDARD.. The CORRECT standard. Everyone knew what counted and what didn’t. A push up is a push up; not a worm, snake or humping of the floor that I have recently seen. I don’t know if our falut or if it’s people being lazy or just not caring, but that STOPS NOW!!! Most of us spend a great deal of time and effort on wanting our lives to be better and healthier. So stop cheating your workouts. The only person you hurt is yourself!
    Some of you who know me from the “old boxes” know better and know I stick to the same standard we were founded on.
    To post your name on the board with RXD or NOTHING next to meant you were apart of the few who could complete a workout without any subations and did it correct. Granted alot of you are stronger. I look at the board now and I don’t see any sub placed up next to names when not everyone can do our workouts RXD.
    3 Check your ego and don’t be ashamed you can’t do the same weights or movements as someone else. Use that factor as a base to push yourself to do better, be better and work for more. Some of you are damn near hurting yourselves because of this. I know I’m not as strong as I use to be and some of my movements I don’t get to work on when I’m not here. So when I see MANY of you doing numbers I use to do or more, I have to humble myself and say not yet correct form and work on it. My day will get back here.

    Please don’t take this post the wrong way but use it as a wake up call. Use your time wisely. And those of you who are cutting corners fix it now. I would hate for you to do 20 reps and only 1 count. As for coaches, it’s your job to your class to hold everyone to the same STANDARD by doing it correct. All it does is make us all better athletes.

  2. Crystal C. says:

    @DC Although you may have a few (very few) helpful points in your post, why is it necessary to worry so much about what other people are doing instead of just yourself? I don’t go to the gym for you, I go for myself.

  3. Whitney Ross Gray says:

    DC, I appreciate your comment and your sentiment. I can’t tell you how much you helped me with my rowing form and one time you worked with me on cleans and really “cleaned” them up. If nothing else, correct form and having a standard prevents injury.

  4. DC says:

    Crystal.- Why you ask?? If CFW Insturctors didn’t care about you or others, who would? Then we would be like other crossfit gyms, or just general gyms. WE ARE NOT WE ARE A FAMILY. At the end of the day everyone is at the gym for themselves, but you must have a foundation, a good starting base.
    Where did you come from? Was it another box or did you come in on your own? If you talk to other gym member who come from other boxes or who travel to other places that don’t have a true CF standard they will tell you how much it helps. Have you ever competed in a competition? How bad would it be if you thought you were doing HSPU and you were doing a slight bend yet none of your reps counted because your head wasn’t touching the floor. You would be so mad. Why because none of your instructors ever cared enough to tell you that was wrong. At any meets CFW has been too there has never been a issue on whether or not a rep was correct or not. Our instructor made sure you understand what the movement is.
    I pride myself on holding this standard we founded CFW on. I hold this close to me because I want each and every person I help to become better, become stronger, live injury free, to BREAK the mental mind set of I can’t do this.
    Since being back I’ve had 4 people tell me they hit prs way over what they thought they could do as well show a few how to kip while working with me. Plus a few other things. It’s not that I taught them anything different but I broke down the movements and pushed them and believed in them but also held them to
    our standard.
    I as well hold myself to this same standard and know when I’m using bad form or getting lazy.

  5. t. says:

    Crystal, Darren’s delivery may not be eloquent, but he’s not wrong. Most importantly, he wants you and everyone at CFW to do and be your/their best. He takes pride in helping people. If he’s there when you get PR, he will celebrate with you like no one else. It’s good thing. He wrote his first comment b/c he wants to see more participation in the mobility classes and open gym time on Wednesday. He knows how important that stuff is to our fitness and wellness. Too many of us blow off mobility work… If you are one of us that do, try the mobility classes and get a few minutes in sauna and ice bath. We can all stand more of both of those!

  6. Crystal C. says:

    Noted. I’m all for improving form and helpful critiques, but this just seemed very negative when I read it. Didn’t mean to get anyone riled up though.

  7. t. says:

    Have at it Crystal… none of us are beyond reproach. If you don’t like anything one of the CFW instructors or myself is doing or saying, post up. I don’t want anyone to ever think they shouldn’t post here. We are open for criticism.

  8. DC says:

    Crystal- Please know you didn’t get me riled up. Yes some of it was negative but it like that saying if the shoe fits then wear it. Not everyone is messed up or slacking, Those are the ones who are doing, seeing the big gains. My post was a wake up call across the board.

  9. Yatta says:

    I don’t attend CFW; however I am guilty of stalking your page daily. I just wanted to thank DC for the post. Your post hit home and it’s always good to get that tough love reminder. I know I want to lift heavier and have faster times but what’s the use if your form/technique is piss poor. I plan to print this and keep it in my training log!!

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