Are you "Elite"?

How about  advanced?  Check out this link from CrossFit HQ.
Don’t sweat it if you’re not quite hitting the L4 numbers for the elite yet.  Or advanced for that matter.  It takes more than just a few months! 

Sarah warming up with OHS.

WoD:  FGB   "Heavy Weight Bout"

–3 rounds of one minute of each excercise on a continuously running clock.  On the call of "rotate" the athlete moves to the next station.
  • thrusters (115lbs – m / 75lbs – f)
  • sumo deadlift high pull (115lbs-m / 75lbs – f)
  • weighted box jumps (30lbs-m / 10lbs-f)
  • push press (95lbs – m / 65lbs – f)
  • deadlift (115 / 75)
  • rest

Don’t compare this to a FGB.  Your scores won’t even be close to a regular Fight Gone Bad. If you’re capable of doing the Rx’d exercise with the Rx’d weight, then do it.  Just get as many reps as you can.  Going light defeats the intended purpose of this WoD.  Only scale down the weight if you cannot do the exercise as Rx’d.

0 thoughts on “Posted: 9/15/2008

  1. mere (L- .5) says:

    "Don't sweat it if you're not quite hitting the L4 numbers for the elite yet."— um, yeah….so, i'm definitely not sweating that…. but i'm thinking i might need to know what the category below L1 is because my self-esteem seemed to take a blow reading through this chart!!

  2. Ilario says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that blanched at that spread sheet! I expect to be back amongst you all by the weekend, so get the Manilow CDs ready!

  3. Sensei says:

    aww….now, see, even with the little smiley face….you didn't need make that statement… because you see, I was literally BORN READY. It's like being able to pack a suitcase for travel, You are either born with the ability to pack it correctly, or you aren't. Let's just say that my bags are packed and they are full of whoopass for this WoD, You, and Lindsay…better just stand back and watch the gun show. LOL 🙂

  4. i. says:

    The other CF has come up with their own rankings. It seems if you can't meet the standards you just make up your own and name your members elite if you want!
    But Elite is relative… Like Hamid and Zach are Elite… at CFW.

  5. t. says:

    Hey Guys… I'm sorry about the box step/box jump thing today. There was some miscommunication between the away team and the home team on this WoD. Either way, it's a very challenging WoD!

  6. thomas says:

    this wod is crazy, just got 209 and thought i was going to die. Sorry i missed ya sensei. Thanks for pushing me all the way julie.

  7. Sensei says:

    Thomas!! Great job buddy!! dang I am thinking it's gonna hurt to try and beat that score… Coming in at five today, but I should be back at lunch tomorrow.

  8. i. says:

    Whoaaa… Jules, Tony scares me enough as it is. I'll not dare bring forth the rage of such a powerful woman. My jokes are on CFW not… but only a slightness on how the fairer of the two CFit's in our Coastal city proclaimed an athlete "Elite", if only amongst its own.

  9. Julie says:

    Hey "i" check it out… No one cares to hear your comments epecially when you are too chicken to post your name. I can promise you this, our Elite will crush your so called "elite" anyday!

  10. Don O says:

    Hey guys those are some great numbers…..Thomas with a 209….Randy with a 232…..JJ with a 230…..holy stromboli…..kicking serious FGB

  11. Sensei says:

    Thomas!! Great job buddy!! dang I am thinking it's gonna hurt to try and beat that score… Coming in at five today, but I should be back at lunch tomorrow.

  12. t. says:

    Though his/her comments are entertaining and true, “i.” and the smartass comments he/she posts do not represent me, CF Wilmington, it’s staff, members, or the vibe and energy we all enjoy here. Just as bad, it’s not in the spirit of CrossFit. I only tolerate his mischief because it’s not untrue and never unproffesional. Our comment page is open to anyone, CFW, or no. It’s an open forum and I do not censor unless very neccessary. As far as condoning his bs, I do not. And on the topic he purveys, myself and my staff, from the beginning has always been friendly and inviting to the other CF, it’s owner, and it’s members… to the point of offering them our facility, for free, to workout at while they were getting their place ready for business. How they run their CF is totally up to them. CrossFit Inc. does not dictate many rules to it’s affiliates. If they make up the own standard for becoming a CrossFit “God”, they are free to do so. “i.”‘s last post was a link to a post they put on a fitness website where they said they “were proud to be the first Crossfit” in Wilmington. We all know they were aware of the fact we were open some three and half months before they. Again, how they do CrossFit, and how they promote it is entirely up to them. Our doors are always open and our board has room for their names anytime. CrossFit’s strength is in it’s transfer of knowledge. It is sad our two clans are not training together. We honor all CrossFit memberships and never charge a walk in fee to other CF’s members. The same courtesy has always been extended to them and theirs. Maybe one day we’ll all benefit from an improved relationship between the two packs.

  13. Sensei says:

    T. FU&*EN A!!!! Thank you for the very professional and inspiring message. The honesty and non BS that is an absolute constant at CFW is EXACTLY why I profess it and tell everyone I know about OUR FAMILY. When "i" posts these things it is very hard for me to bite my tongue….and your post has helped me personally to continue to "take the high road"…Again THANK YOU CrossFit WILMINGTON!! THE ONE AND ONLY!! "i" let's do a WoD together!

  14. Kat says:

    Any workout that makes me have an asthma attack upon completion must be a good one! Sorry if you missed it! I'm sure there will be more!