Yoga with Tara Blackburn, tomorrow (Monday) at 2:30pm
Tara extends her services to CFW members at a "donation" rate.  Thanks.
On the surveys, many asked for more Yoga class times.  Look for a morning and a evening classes with Tara and Meagan. 

We appreciate all the great feedback you’ve given us via our Survey.  Numerous good ideas have been presented and we have or are putting some of the suggestions to work. 
A few of the surveys really stood out and gave us much needed information.  But none more than Zach Lehman’s.  It’s so good we had to share…
Gender:  M
Age:  30-39
What programs/classes have you attended at CFW: Nutrition Class
    On a scale of 1-10, how do rate the class: 8
What additional programs would you like to see offered at CFW?
   Total Body seminar with Chuck Norris and a cage match – Tony C. vs Tony Horton (P90x)
Do you have any concerns or improvements you would like to have addressed by CFW?
  The bathroom smells like farts and Ben Gay.
Instructor Assessments:
Tony:  Army Strong.
Julie: Smells like soup.
Josh: I think he stole my cat.
Abby: I blame her for Title IX, RIP Cowboy Baseball.
Dawn: I don’t approve of women stronger than me.
Caleb: He’s one half of CFW’s version of the Nelson Twins.
Thomas: His hair is neat.
Fitz: I like his Goatee.
Tanner: I wonder if you drop-kicked Caleb would Tanner feel pain?
Sensei: Mr. Miyagi he is not.
**In all seriousness, CFW is an incredibly professional and genuine organization.  The instructors, from the most experienced to the FNG, are smart, personable, and encouraging.  Thank you and keep up the good work. 
R/S, Zach

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