Julie clowning with Coach Burgener at Oly Lift Cert

WOD: Happy 43rd Birthday to Don O.!!!


43 rds for time

  • 1 Tire flip Jump in/Jump out
  • 50 m sprint

Rest 5 mins

  • Run a mile for time Say thank you morning Crew for this!!

***The scale down of this WOD is to do as many as you can. We know this is a grueling workout and it’s possible not everyone will finish as  Rxd.  Just try it and get what you can!

0 thoughts on “Posted: 8/7/2008

  1. Andrew says:

    I told y'all it was gonna be brutal. Sorry I can't be there Don. I'll destroy myself somehow for missing it.

  2. Sensei says:

    Hello from Albuquerque! Wow! I really want to do this WOD! However my WODing is being replaced by 12 hrs a day of beating people up while getting beat up myself! Love to all, please post your feelings and times on this WOD I am really interested!

  3. Hub says:

    can we place tires at the end of each 50m sprint, or do we have to hit the 25m line and turn around? what is it about stopping and having to turn around…i hate it when i have to do that, it is a mental hurdle that i hate jumping over…

  4. Don O says:

    Sorry to some and thanks to all for coming out this morning and getting smoked…..Excellent workout….thanks to the 6am crew for throwing in the mile run at the end…..Also just to let you know Scott turns 32 next thursday so is there another smoker coming down the line…..I see a pattern……again THANKS TO ALL FOR COMING OUT, 20 PLUS CAME OUT THIS MORNING….

  5. Hub says:

    when are you going to stop being hurt and actually post a time on the board for a WOD…you're never hurt when deadlift is in the WOD, but throw something with metcon in there and all of a sudden DC is still rehabing…splash over.

  6. DC says:

    Hey Hub just cause your out of the corps now doesn't mean you get to start being a big baby!! so get over it.. and no you can't put a tire at the end.. IT'S 25 and turn back around!! and Thanks to the Morning Crew there is a mile run now…

  7. Darryl says:

    Ok, really, what douchebag(s) decided to add a mile to this?

    Fine, maybe not douchebags, but certainly masochists. The heat index is 97. Doing the 5x400m with a heat index of 103 yesterday wasn't enough? WTF.!?!?

  8. t. says:

    I just looked at the time from yesterday… wow! You guys rocked "Nancy". Hub that 12min was kick a**!

  9. t. says:

    I just looked at the times from yesterday… wow! You guys rocked “Nancy”. Hub that 12min was kick a**!

  10. DC says:

    hahah your so funny and i do the WOD’s just not when your around or I do 2 adays and I did today’s with a mile run 1st which was 6:15, then the wod 15:12 and then another mile run.. 6:45 so there you go Hub come get some…

  11. Shawn K says:

    j, you know better than to ask that question… Maria started calling us names and threatened to take our lunch money… we had no choice.

  12. j says:

    LOL… You can't let the girls push you around like that. As for Don… Why can't you be 22 Sunday? Happy Birthday.

  13. DC says:

    hey shawn for someone who says there not good at running, didn't you post the best run time out of the group this morning!!! hmmmm

  14. t. says:

    Check it out… I think we'll start calling this kind of stuff "realistic functional training". I think it's catchy. I thought I'd just make up my own terminology!

  15. Shawn K says:

    Sounds good Tony… now we just need a computer-to-coffee pot sprint to be even more realistic for me.

  16. Shawn K says:

    Only by 2 seconds. But as you can attest, during the WOD my 50m sprint was more of a 50m stroll through the park so I had some legs left. I was trying to let old Don take the cup on his bday… 🙂

  17. Andrew says:

    Shawn, I figured you and Raj's work experience more closely resembled that of "Office Space". If we can throw in a WOD with rounds of broken copiers and brief bouts of contemplating what to do with a million dollars, we'll be all set.

  18. scott p says:

    don great job this morning. i just hope that in 11 years i can still do this, much less put up the times you do. happy early b day!

  19. andy c says:

    Happy b-day Don. I am still on vacation so I couldn't be there for todays fun. However, since I couldn't do the workout I figured I would do the next best thing, drink 43 beers and then slam my hand in the car door 43 times. Less painful than the workout but I have to make due some how while out of town. See you guys soon.

  20. Don O says:

    Thanks to everyone…..you guys are awesome. Great times by all…..I really care alot for you guys….Thanks again for all your hard work on this special workout day….Andy sends his love too!!!!

  21. Justin says:

    Happy bday, Don. Today I did the "new" Fran with pull-ups to chest in 90 degree heat. It was probably the most awful experience of my life. Also, MikeG said he met you down at that cert, Tony. He also started acting like I had been doing CF for awhile all of a sudden haha.

  22. maria S says:

    Okay, does anyone else have serious injuries from todays WOD? The front of my biceps look like they have 3rd degree burns. And truth be told–it was my brother's idea to run the mile – I'm just easily influenced.