Clair warming up to 365lbs, 5 for 5
CrossFit WOD:
Turkish Get Ups – 10(5L/5R) – 10 – 10
*Use barbell to increase benefit
2 Handstand Plank – hold as long as possible
2 Pull Up hold – chin above bar for as long as possible
Weightlifting WOD:
Rest Day

0 thoughts on “Posted: 8/6/2009

  1. yolleen :) says:

    I am doing the Weightlifting WOD today 🙂 hey good times at tacos last PM. Thomas, what you want me to do with your bike?!?!?!? call JJ or me 626-399-1919. later all. hope everyone has an amazing day!

  2. ju says:

    Somebody, you may be right. I could not tell what it was. But he went up 50 lbs after the picture was taken. Sorry if I was mistaken.

  3. Clair says:

    Sounds like "SOMEBODY" had a huge glass of Haterade for brunch!!! Hate Hate Hate!!!Someday You can be just like Me when You grow up!

  4. t. says:

    Fixed the errored post. I don't want to misrepresent what our members do. Clair's PR DL is 440lbs.

  5. Jason Beninate says:

    Hey everybody…I know some might have forgotten bout me…so i thought I'd give a shout to all ya'll. T, I find out my MOS soon here at TBS in Quantico, VA. It has been a long road since january 9th when I had my "pick up" day. What I've learned is that you just gotta get the work done. I've been doing my best staying in shape here…I deffinately run faster these days for sure. Anyways, I wanted everybody to know that I miss the CrossFit Wilmington Family. I've been getting updates from Andrew but now he's off to his basic training. Thanks for being that support back when I was in Wilmington. Hope all is well and don't you worry, I am doing well in this Marine Corps

  6. t. says:

    Jason – Thanks for letting us hear from ya. I'm glad the Corps is doing good things for you and vice versa. Good luck getting the MOS you want.