Thanks to everyone for coming out to the beach workouts.  They’re alot of fun.
Next week’s beach wod will be at 6:30… AM!
Yes, the morning crew gets a shot at sand and salt PT.
Dan at yesterday’s beach workout
"Battle Ropes"
For Completion…
60 Standing Double Waves
60 Standing Single Waves
30 Seated Double Waves
30 Seated Single Waves
For Time…
Seated Sled Pull (right)
Seated Sled Pull (left)
Standing Sled Pull
*You will pull the sled the length of the floor, then pull it back to the starting line each time

0 thoughts on “Posted: 8/5/2010

  1. Jimmy says:

    We're pulling a sled? Do we get to load it up with presents and wear fake white beards and fat suits?

  2. Sara! says:

    Honestly, the camera needs to take a record of this WOD. It's fairly hilarious to stand back and watch.

  3. Kylie* says:

    I love that the Kenny Powers video is added…hilarious!T being honest here, I think you were trying to crimp my style with the last pull on the sled, you know !