Tomorrow night – UFC at Main Street Brewery in Mayfaire.
CFW has a section reserved.
Main Street kindly donated tickets to CFW for our previous patronage.
Those tickets will be given to the top male and female performers on
today’s WOD.
“Compromise is never anything but an ignoble truce between the duty of a man and the terror of a coward." – R. W. Kaufman

Happy Birthday Ilario

Superman has competition.
At Ilario’s bday request… 

Pain Storm III “Independence Day”

76 Clean and Jerk (45lbs)
76 Wall Balls (20lbs)
76 Box Jumps (20in)
76 Pull-ups
76 KB Swings (16kg)
76 Burpees
76 Knees to Elbows
76 Push-ups
76 Squats
76 Turkish Get-up (16kg)

*originally posted 4 July 2008.  Plan for 1 1/2 hour (or more) for this one.


0 thoughts on “Posted: 8/28/2009

  1. t. says:

    Some people are exceptional. Ilario is such a person. If you’ve only briefly met him or even just chatted with the guy for a few seconds, that statement isn’t anything you didn’t already know. There are few people I’ve ever met that I consider a role model for myself. Ilario is. Sports stars, movie stars, other “famous” people have never impressed me. It takes far more character to impress me. Ilario does. In our society compromise from what is right for what is easy has become the all too common norm. Lucky for us all, guys like Ilario don’t allow the easy choice to corrupt his way. Since the first time we did today’s workout, Ilario has become a trusted friend of mine. I’m honored to have him, his wife Jill, and their boys as part of my family. Happy Birthday Brother.

  2. Esko says:

    Happy birthday Ilario! I can't wait to finish your workout,! I plan on takin the weekend off after this wod!

  3. Em says:

    t, I couldn't agree with you more!! Iliaro you are an inspiration, leader and motivator to the gym…I luv it when you are there, all smiles! Thank you for always encouraging not only myself but all others in the gym. Happy Birthday Ilario, all the best! Hate that I can't participate in the WoD today, guess I'll just have to make it up ;op And to quote you "2010 baby!!!" (you better be there!)

  4. maria says:

    Ilario I am going to say something nice before I go do this workout…cause after that I may only say explicatives. Hope you have a great birthday and thank you for your constant encouragement and the shining example that you set for all of us.

  5. Josh says:

    Happy birthday my Friend! Thank you for your energy, excitement and motivation that you bring to CFW each and every day.

  6. thomas says:

    Happy Birthday brother! It has been an honor getting to know you and train next to you since starting here at cfw. Each time you are here not only working out but just stopping in for a few words, you have a huge impact. You come in and push, encourage, and inspire everybody! Each time a wod starts to suck I hear you in the background telling me to suck it up and push through. Thanks for all you do bro! "2010 Baby!"

  7. ilario says:

    T., thank you my brother. And thanks to all of my beautiful friends! This year has truly been transformative for me and much of that has been because, through and with my CFW family. I am a better husband, better father, and better friend because of the littany of challenges I have subjected myself to here, with all of you. Whatever the “board” has said, we have survived. Whatever the nervous-pee feeling (that I have right now too!) we have survived. Friends, We will survive. And we will be better for it.

  8. Dan says:

    happy birthday brother. You are a true inspration. You know its a great day to get a bike. That clock is ticking. Enjoy!

  9. taylor says:

    So it all started with this crazy guy that would come to my Power Punch classes. He would set up over in the corner, and for the next hour, beat on this poor bag like his very life depended on it. It got my attention. He would wear these really bright funny ankle socks, maybe he's German. He would beat this bag (usually TWO bags at once) with no mercy or apparent fatigue, maybe he's an assassin! He would listen to my instruction, then change it completely- he did it harder, faster, stronger, and way cooler…then he thanked ME at the end of class. Surly I should be thanking this guy! What a trip he was to watch. I know it made ME work harder, I have a feeling everyone else in the room felt the same way (either that or they just ignore him because because only a freak can direct such explosive and insane energy towards a workout, for a full hour straight!) Who was this guy, and how does he end up over there in a puddle of smiles and sweat every week?! Turns out he is Ilario Pantano. Enough said. Crossfit soon happened, for both of us, and I saw a whole new beast! What an awesome guy, and family, to know. Thanks Ilario and have a fabulous Birthday! It truly is a pleasure to know, and workout with you 🙂

  10. drew says:

    Happy BDay Ilario.. and let me tell you: you must have Esko scared of this WOD for him to be up so early. He usually isn't up until about 3-4pm everyday, haha. But seriously, this workout looks grueling, and we seriously are a unique bunch to day in and day out subject ourselves to this, see you all around 17:30! Oh and happy Friday to all!

  11. Charlie says:

    Happy B-Day, Brother! Yes, you are definitely an inspiration. More than just here at CFW. I'm tempted to try Pain Storm III, though still rehabing. For those of you who haven't read Ilario's book, Warlords, it is a must read. Your a great American, Ilario. Have a great day/year. 2010, Baby! Semper Fi!

  12. DC says:

    My man, My ACE, My Teacher,My guideness, What to say about you that everyone on here hasn't already been said.. Meeting you from Day 1 I know there was something differnet about you, I held no judgements and held Nothing back, in the mist of if all I found a brother, a teacher, a sometime slack ass, sandbaging funny sock wearing, brother who I'm honored to say is a brother.. Happy birthday

  13. ChrisJ says:

    Happy Birthday, Ilario. You and I have only met back when you spoke to the John Locke Foundation regarding your book, which I am sure you do not remember. However, your words and postings here support what I assumed of you when I heard you that day at Landfall. That being said, I'm kinda glad and kinda pissed I'm out of town for this WOD! You are either going to have a ton of thank you's and well wishes or people are going to curse and throw tomatos. This is a beast of a WOD!

  14. Sensei says:

    Ilario, you make me feel like a total wimp and a total king all at the same time. You are one of the 5 people I have come into contact in my life that I truely sit back and say…HOW? You give others the ability and chance to help themselves grow as humans every day. DomoArigatoGozaiMashitA!

  15. No GOOD says:

    Ilario, I am really looking forward to doing this tomorrow, that way I can find the time i need to beat. Taylor and I were in Mayfare, a few years ago just before CFW opened. We ended up in Barnes and Noble, for some reason we were going to be there for a while(not my choice ha). I figured Id make the best of my time, and I saw the book WARLORD. I picked it up and never in my life had i just sat down and got sucked into a book. Amazing, for me reading the book it was a comparison, like I wondered if we were here together and how did we not bump paths or maybe we did, it is , as they say a Small Marine Corps. I am a slow reader but I got well into the book. Taylor came and collected me and all I could do was tell her about this Marine who has a really cool story! A few weeks later I received the book for my birthday from her sister. A little after that Taylor came home and told me she thinks the guy in the book I am reading is taking her class "but he never listens to me and he always thanks me" It became a game to get some communications out of Ilario because he was in and out. I went to one of her classes one time to confirm the sighting and it indeed was Ilario. Fast forward to the games, I am introduced to the BDay boy. Right away he was in my face a million questions back and forth, also taking time to say hello to everyone. Then at the games, his motivation and spirit made the CFW team complete. There is so much more I could say. I am proud to have served with you, grateful to know you and your family honored to call you brother. To support what we have all said, you are one of the few I will tell my kids stories about. Thank you brother for all that you do for so many! Happy Birthday!

  16. ChrisT says:

    Happy Birthday Ilario! I am glad to call you my friend and a brother. You are a true inspiration to me and my family. Oh, and the WOD, I was not going to quit, all I could think about were your great motivational commets. Maria, thanks for the push today!

  17. Tracy says:

    Ilario!! Since we are doing remember whens….I remember when I saw you for years running the loop and I would say to my sister WOW that guy runs fast, he just looped us!! Then I joined CFW, we posted to each other on the comments, and finally our paths crossed and we said to each other oh thats you!! Your presence when you walk into a room is something to be admired my friend! Always full of kind words, wisdom and encouragement saying You can do it!! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!!

  18. Sensei says:

    Get to it guys! You won't have my time to contend with as I am moving….but I am sitting here crying because I can't do this WoD! Thank you Scott S, Very generous!

  19. Scott S says:

    I am pledging $50 to FGB4 in honor of the top finisher. RNG – all times on Saturday count as well. So, if you haven't come in yet, get in gear and do your thang.

  20. ilario says:

    Scott, you are an amazing man. What a wonderful gesture! Living proof of that very phenomena that CFW exemplifies…Compassion, Excellence and Sportsmanship! Man! You see? This is it! This is the magic we ALL share! WE ARE A COMMUNITY. WE ARE ENGAGED!! God bless all of you for your kind words (even those that would rather curse!) and the kind words that pour out in celebration of each and every one of you..every day! This isn’t unique to me…scroll back to last week or the week before. Go back a year…Look at the time we take to honor and respect eachother. Look at how we encourage the new and push the “old.” (wink-wink). We care about eachother, we push eachother and we draw from all of our collective strengths!! By the way, while this is a grass roots movement, it starts from the top, from T. and the “Team” that are truly invested in all of you. You can’t make this up! Did you know CFW averages 5-10% of the volume that “mainsite gets in posts, and we are only one of one thousand affiliates? Need that to sink in? Look around… Pick any of the boxes that T. listed on the sidebar…. How many comments do they have today? Yesterday? I’ve trained at CF gyms where no one ever says a word…not a peep. The message boards are silent!? Why? Are people too embarrassed to give a shout out to a fellow athlete that struggled, stumbled and overcame? Well, we are not. We are CrossFit Wilmington. We are “deep-six-invested” in eachother…and it shows. (Courtesy of CF Camp Lejeune): “Today we do what no one else will do, so tomorrow we do what no one else can do.”

  21. Don O says:

    Father, husband, patriot, marine, deputy, stud, tri-athlete, teacher, student, writer, actor, consultant, did I leave anything out….oh yeah he's our FRIEND…..Happy Birthday "OLD MAN"

  22. Matt says:

    Ilario, the first time we ever spent any time together was the trip to Ohio. I drove you and Mere up to the qualifiers and you started telling your life story. We were both so intrigued by all of your tales, I wanted to keep driving so you would keep talking. You made the 10 hr drive seem like one hour. It’s hard to put into words what your friendship means to me. You are such an inspiration to all around you. I feel that knowing you has made me a better person. I hope you have a great day. Happy birthday buddy!

  23. Dawn says:

    Ilario, so many kind words have already been said about your enthusiasm, encouragement, and energy. So I wont continue and say the same things. But I wanted to say thank you for all your honest advice you have given me. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday and of course I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your B-day WOD!!!

  24. Colleen says:

    Happy Birthday Superman! I am SO not looking forward to this wod, but it's a must do! Holy Crap!!!

  25. jeremy says:

    Ilario, happy birthday man… ditto, most of, what tony, and others, had to say.
    Also, soon after I left the gym this AM, I was thinking…if this was pain storm III, what was pain storm II…anyway, found a history on the origins, and a log of the previous workouts (they all look tough)
    if anyone is interested it is :

  26. Jen S. says:

    Damn Ilario! Under 1 hr! You truly are SUPERMAN!! Like everyone says, you are a ray of sunshine..oh hell you're like the whole sun! Brightening life as you go…thank you for your committment to all that is good in this world and to all of your family at CFW! You are a great inspiration to me as well, and I thank you again for all of the encouragement you have given me my friend. (o: Hope your birthday has been and continues to be blissful!

  27. Andrew says:

    Brother, I can't say anything that hasn't already been stated. You're a helluva person that offers so much to everyone that makes their way through CFW's doors. You've offered me much insight that has kept me in the game up here at the NCSHP Basic School. I appreciate everything you've taught me, even if you didn't know that's what you were doing at the time. Happy Birthday I!

  28. maria says:

    Ok,ok I gave all my birthday wishes…NOW,almost 12 hours later I was utterly DESTROYED by this wod today. I honestly don't know how I got through work. And Thomas I did have 2 surgeries today, so although I did not shed actual tears in the wod , I cried like a baby when I scrubbed my ripped hands with a surgical brush…twice. Ilario I would not have done that for anyone but you.

  29. taylor says:

    Talk about being DESTROYED, I almost dropped my first wedding cake tonight. THree tiers, bout 35 lb. cake, extreem muscle fatigue…not a good situation. It made it into the venue and onto the table OK…I would have just blamed it on you Ilario.

  30. Ju says:

    Ilario, I hope you have the most wonderful birthday. I am so blessed that you have made CFW a part of your training and life. Happy Birthday!

  31. Frank says:

    Ip- Happy Birthday Warrior! My present to you: doing the "Independence Day" WOD 400 miles away in our Nation's Capital…I survived, but barely. Finished in 64 mins…not quite Clark Kent status but working on it. Thanks for the moto and inspiration, seeing you in the Superman T-shirt, and reading a few posts from hard-charging Wilmington Cross Fitters was all it took to get energized. I dropped everything and ran to the gym for a pain session in your honor.
    Semper fi,