And they say women lack upperbody strength…  not CF women. 
 Julie doing pullups + 25lbs.
"I trained at G___’s for 10 years.  I’ve seen more improvement in only a few months doing CrossFit." – a quote from CFW Instructor Julie E. when she was brand new to CrossFit. 
Still only 7 months into it, she’s only just begun.  Come see how and why CFW’s programming has so many ladies doing 10 or more pull ups, deadlifting 225 plus pounds, climbing rope, and overhead pressing their bodyweight in only weeks of training. 
    And that’s the short of what they accomplish here, all while crushing the popular, yet so foolish, myth that lifting heavy weight will make girls big or "built like a man".

WoD:  "Quarter Gone Bad" 

Five rounds for reps
1 rep = 1point, add up reps for total
  • 15 seconds – Thruster  (135lbs / 95lbs)
  • 45 seconds – rest
  • 15 seconds – Weighted pull-up (45lbs / 25lbs)
  • 45 seconds – rest
  • 15 seconds – Burpees
  • 45 seconds – rest

WoD Demo –

0 thoughts on “Posted: 8/27/2008

  1. Hayley says:

    I check the page all the time just to see whats going on…since I am going to be having a baby I had to stop the CF but I just wanted to say hey and tell you all how much I miss CF! I live vicariously through Lindsay now 🙂 Keep up the great work everyone!!! I hope to make it back someday!

  2. Sensei says:

    Dang Jules!! Verry Niice! shhh…..did I just hear that our hero "Sensei" will ACTUALLY make it in to the gym today??….it's…it's …been so long!

  3. Don O says:

    Hey Chip I'm going in around 10, its going to be a good workout….and your welcome Drew, I love the friendly compition….Don(102) Andrew(101)

  4. ilario says:

    Don and Andrew, my favorite "old men" from the Muppet Show! I echo Hayley's comment about missing the "team" and hankering for a comeback!
    I've been re-habbing at G___'s and I get looks for dripping sweat or grunting through sets. I feel like I'm in fitness limbo, just treading water till I'm ready to come "home." Never realized how much I'd miss staring blankly at the ceiling with twenty more Turkish get-ups to go surrounded by other CFers all sprawled out on the floor in various stages of nausea and dissarray…Ah, the smell of victory.

  5. Julie says:

    We miss you a great deal Ilario. Do what you have to do to make yourself better. Then get your butt back in here!

  6. Don O says:

    Sure Scott I can do 9:30… about you Chip?…..hey Ilario we have your spot saved for you when you come back from limbo

  7. DC says:

    aww the big baby came from out of the golds closet…and says hi to us.. lol just playing man, yeah it has been really weird not seeing all or hearing your cheer around the gym Illarrio (mispelled on purpose)so hurry back and get well soon… Ur upper body should be a beast by the time you get back since that not broke.. A DI told that to a someone.. So now Push and then push some more… lol