Taylor and Ron Crossfit in Aruba.


Overhead Squat  5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5

For time…
Run 800 meter
30 wall ball – 10ft target (14lbs – M / 10lbs – F)
20 box jump (28" – M / 24" – F)
10 pull up (CTB)
Row 500m
15 wall ball
10 box jumps
5 pull up
Run 800

0 thoughts on “Posted: 8/25/2009

  1. Tracy says:

    Taylor and Ron looks like you had a blast in Aruba and looking all sunkissed too!! Glad to have you back!! Woohoo this WOD looks like a goodie!!

  2. Angela says:

    So, I just discovered the comments section…and now I'm excited.

    (1) I just began crossfit last week and can already feel the addiction. I'm pretty sure I joined at just the right time because my first WOD was this past Saturday's tire flipping…I'm sold.

    Thanks for the warm welcome and all the instruction! I'm glad to be joining such a motivated family.

    (2) Didn't get to see Julia's cake in person, but probably the coolest birthday I've seen in a while. I totally expect a jumpie castle at my next birthday.

    (3) I've been kickin it with the morning crew so far this week…pretty chipper crew for 6am….and this morning's WOD was great. May come back this evening for another dose haha

    (4) I haven't met Taylor yet, but she is making that look way too easy. Guess I'll have to add that to my list of goals.

  3. Julie G. says:

    Thanks Mid-Morning Crew for the push today….stoked to get under 20 min. must be the krispy Kreme Doughnuts last night:) Just playing Tony….Disclaimer: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts DO NOT help you get PRs.

  4. maria says:

    Welcome Angela – Great job today! And you'll learn that Taylor makes A LOT of things look way to easy.

  5. No GOOD says:

    Angela welcome!!! Glad to hear your already a junkie ha!!! Mid morning crew thanks again today, Julie G, great job! Todyas wod was AWESOME! We forgot to add tha when Taylor took that picture of me I was like 800 feet up with no climbing pro, all because of my CF training. Just glad we had a big lens to capture that moment. Ha! ABA always be advertising!!! Have a great day!

  6. taylor says:

    Hey guys thanks for the shout outs! However, if you would like to come see me suck wind and possible puke a little, I will be heading up to do the WOD at 3:30. Pretty sure there's no making this one look easy!!

  7. drew says:

    Anyone else interested/planning to run the Battleship Half marathon Nov 1st? I've never run anything further than a 5k, but I know I can ruck march that far, so I figure I can at least finish it.. Found a training guide I'd be willing to share, but may just go the CF Endurance route.

  8. Sensei says:

    Hey I forgot to say: I SAW CHARLIE LAST NIGHT DRIVING DOWN MARKET!! Has he been in the gym at all lately? We need to hound him and get him back in! I saw you Charlie! Don't act like you didn't see me! ha ha

  9. t. says:

    Drew… Ilario is doing the long course. Not sure who or if anyone else is.
    The CF Endurance stuff works… GO FOR IT!!!

  10. BHering says:

    drew, i would love to do the half. sounds like a lot of fun, and we have plenty of time to get ready… oh yeah todays WOD was gnarly!!

  11. ilario says:

    Hey Andrew, Like T. said, CFE will do you fine. I'll do the Battleship half with you on Nov.1. I'm sure as the season rolls around we'll get a Posse to join us! The following weekend is my race, but I'm game to run the course with you for a tune-up. Its a well organized fun event and the T-Shirts are really nice, too! For those of you that would like a fitness target for the Fall, any serious crossfitter can complete it, its just a matter of how fast. Give it a shot…You can do it!