Happy Birthday Julia and Rachel!


Get healthy soon to Grace, Walt, and Matt.  We hope you heal up quickly! 

Loading the Lifts…
Yesterday, Maria posted a question in the comments regarding how to load the lifting workouts.  A typical strength development workout, like yesterday’s back squat, is posted with the number of sets denoted by a single number that indicates the reps per the sets.  A common example is 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 and is often said aloud as "five for five".  The goal for these workouts is for the athlete to warm up to a weight that is strenuous for a set of 5.  That’s when the workout begins.  The weight, in a conditioned/trained lifter, will probably be 75-85% of the lifter’s max and each set of 5 will not vary much in weight.  The last set may be less or more than the first.  All sets may be done with the same weight.. but that’s neithr always the case.  The time an athlete rests between sets is the greatest factor in determining the weights he/she can use. 
The bottom line is that "five for five" is not  four sets of warm up to a 5 rep max.  The volume of reps at the heavy weight is the stress we’re looking to place on the central nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems.  I see many CF’ers on the main site and others post a five for five like this…  135lbs / 185lbs / 225lbs / 275lbs / 315lbs.  That’s not what we’re shooting for.  The same lifter could do this: 275lbs / 285lbs / 285lbs / 275lbs / 275lbs.  Or maybe he/she does 280 for all five sets.  Either way, the work completed and benefit to the lifter far exceeds the first example.  Too many CFers are looking to post that one, big number on that last set.  The heavy last set may be an ego boost, but’s not optimum training.
I hope this answers the question and clarifies what the training goal is for the strength development workout.  To help us all remember this on future workouts, we’ll have everyone post their weights for each set, not just the heaviest one.
While we’re on the topic of heavy lifting… yes, it’s that time again.  For the next few weeks we’ll see more lifting posted.  Strength and power is the foundation we build everything else on.  In a few weeks we’ll do find maxes of the squat, press, weighted pull up, and deadlift so you can record your PRs.
Kyle, Thomas, and Tre going at yesterday’s WOD.
5 rounds for time…
5 tire flips – M / 2 tire flips – F (330lbs tire – all)
10 double push up burpees
30 (15 left / 15 right) sledge swings


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  1. Dan says:

    Happy Birthday Julia. Its also Rachel birthday. Happy Birthday "sweets". Get home soon can't wait to see ya.

  2. Pamela says:

    Agh! I totallly planned on coming to the class today, but didnt wake up until noon! Hmmm.. I must be in college 😛 Happy birthday julie and rachel!!!

  3. Rachel says:

    I am so glad to know that I get to share my special day with such a beatiful young lady! Happy Bdday Julia Have a great party, sorry we can't make it.

  4. ilario says:

    Happy birthday Ladies! Shout out to Dane who did Big work on a hot, heavy and hard WOD today. Way to stay with it, man. Can't wait to see your progress unfold. And to Angela, and the other newbie, the dude with the red beard, who is a pentathlete (AND closeted member of the Taliban): Great job on your fist WOD today, guys. You got hot, smoked and dirty, and you didn't even have to fly to Vegas! Tracy, thanks for the Tri-clipping. Really appreciate all the positive energy. Lastly, I have to brag on my wife: Jill was down in Flordia crushing it at CrossFit Del Ray beach. She put up some big times and numbers and represented CFW the Hard Way! Way to go Mrs.P!