Tonight @ 7:30pm Yoga/Pilates with Meagan. Cost is FREE for Unilimited Class Members and 10$ to Open Gym Members


The Beach Workout is on for Wednesday

WIll Kuenzel not only demonstrates the power lifts, but explains the benefits of each.
With a continuously running clock, perform the following twice…
1 min Max reps Pull-Ups
1 min Max reps Sit-Ups (floor)
1 min Max reps Push-Ups
1 min Max reps Squats
1 min Max reps Dead-Lifts (275/165 Advanced; 205/125 Open)
1 min rest
* For those of you who are registered for the Garage Games, record the first round. This is the "Heat WOD" Qualifier. Use the Deadlift weight accordingly to how you registered (Advanced or Open).
1 Mile run


0 thoughts on “Posted: 8/2/2010

  1. DC says:

    Man there has been alot going on this last few months.. I've also been hearing that alot of you are killing it and hitting some serious PR's. Way to go.. I'm looking forward to getting back and training with you guys, and pushing you even harder then you have.. Keep up the great work CFW family.. I also hope you ALL are taking advantage of the training seminars that have been going on they are rare and would cost alot more at other places.. Stand By…

  2. No GOOD says:

    It sounds like IP has made the transformation into a full blown politician haha! I’m surprised you even remember where the box is now that your office isn't there anymore..Yes I agree you will win the election…but the games…so does that mean you are doing the Beach to Battleship again….ding ding that’s how you ring the PUNK BELL!!!!! And as your elder i say BRING IT MB ha!!

  3. Sara! says:

    :::grabs a container of almonds and a beach chair to settle in and watch the ensuing good-natured battle between IP and RNG:::

  4. t. says:

    Watching from afar… looks like Ronbo's strikes have been more effective. It appears IP's lack of training with alpha's, debating with beta type politicians, shaking babies and kissing "hands" has left him with his guard down and chin wide open for Ronny's jab. In round two IP needs to find a way back to war fighting mindset if he plans on meeting Ron's hits with a real counter.