Tonight, at 7pm, Dr. Eric McGraw of Active Care Chiropratic will be at CFW for a no cost clininc on injury prevention, rehab and Active Release Techniques.  His discussion will center around the benefits of long term care and longevity in relation to athletic performance.  Dr. Mcgraw will speak for approximately 20 minutes and then make himself available for questions and spot treatments.
For more information on Active Release Techiniques, go to 
Due to the Active Release Clinic the gym will close at 7pm.  There will
be no 7pm CF Class or 6:30pm Intro Class.

Dane, Angela, and Dave (in backgroud) during Intro Class #2
Welcome to CFW guys!


No time componet.  Break into sets as needed.

5 "L" pull ups
5 handstand push ups
15 ghd sit ups
10 deadhang pull ups
10 ring dips
20 ghd sit ups
15 kipping pull ups
15 push ups
30 ghd sit ups
*Take your time and complete each rep with good form and full ROM.

0 thoughts on “Posted: 8/20/2009

  1. taylor says:

    I just want to say GOOD JOB to Cindy yesterday, she totally conquered those 40 snatches. From being a little uneasy and unsure in the beginning, she turned it on and was solid, strong, and secure by the end. Keep up the dedication and drive girl! Its showing through in every workout, you guys rock 🙂

  2. No GOOD says:

    How long does the pukey felling last after the GHD's? Hey Ju Ju I have been meaning to tell you your CFW Garden looks great!!! Good Job!!! ALso thanks for taking care of Taylors and my buddy Glenn. Have a great day everyone!

  3. drew says:

    Dane, if you wish to not puke, here's a tip: Any day with walking lunges and sprints, find out when Darren is working, and then go some other time.

  4. Sensei says:

    Ya, I second that! when I drive up and see only Darren's car in the lot I contemplate taking a rest day! ha, Looove you Darren! Who's up for "karen" and our stuff today at 5:30?

  5. clint says:

    For any of you who may have misinterpreted my comments yesterday please allow me to elaborate. For those of you who know me and know my passion for crossfit I don’t think any of you would classify me as a “sand-bagger” or someone who is not willing to push myself or to leave it all on the floor. Granted I am a mortal and some days it’s all I can do to come in and go through the motions much less push myself to the fullest extent. But it is on those days that I get as much satisfaction that I just came and maybe even scaled the workout because I was totally burnt out but I did it and didn’t stay at home and not show up at all. And there are other days that I just don’t come because I know my body and I need a break, and that’s OK. My point to the whole comment was that I have sensed it recent months a underlying attitude that if your not willing to push the envelope everyday or spend extra hours working on a weakness that you are not committed. Might I add that I have seen and heard this not just felt it. I do make my rounds at crossfit and come in and speak with many people from all time schedules. I encourage them to do their best and to keep pushing, but I have noticed an unusual amount of frustration that people say that they feel they are not “good enough” to be at CFW because they don’t want to live there, or do every class that is offered. I will be the first to tell you and my wife will attest, that I “drank the cool aide” the first day I walked in. I have more Crossfit shirts than anything in the closet and there aren’t many days that you will find me in a shirt that says anything else. But sometimes we must let people come in on their own “weak” (as addicted said”) mindset and feel the juice and grow into it gradually. When crossfit first opened the” filthy 50” workout was the first WOD. I scaled it to the “terrible 10” and no one busted my chops because I wasn’t willing to push myself. Actually I was given a nice hot breakfast of “chocolate protein pancakes” smothered in peanut butter, cooked by none other than Mr Cowden himself who each Wednesday would make pancakes or omelets for the 3 of us members……(oh the memories of those days). All I am saying is that we all need to keep the focus that crossfit as a fitness program is the greatest thing in the world but sometimes it may take someone who just wants to be in better shape and make them that, but never make them a “mental beast” to flat lay it out everyday, and in the end that’s ok too. To all my Brothers and sisters, you know I love you all!

  6. Sensei says:

    Everyone's experience will always be different. Even if they are all experiencing the same thing at that same time, their perspective, opinion, and influence will always be a little different. When I walked into CFW I spoke at length with Tony and "expected" him to sell me on the usual lift more weight don't be a wuss type stuff. I am a tall skinny guy and usually that's what I would get. But with Tony and all the other coaches actually, I haven't received anything but open hearted conscientious guidance. Even Darren knows when to back off and can tell when we need to scale or take it easy. My view however is my own, and if I were a slightly overweight beginner I can see that I might be intimidated by the atmosphere of our beloved box, the huge weight that we see Dawn, Zach and Tony throwing around with ease will have a different effect on a person who's not motivated like I am. SO, perhaps a two or three sentence note in each of the first lessons for beginners that will assure comfort in each of our new members and a "re invest" in those that might be intimidated, to let them know that we all care, and are not worried about whether they perform "wod" as prescribed today, but some day soon THEY WILL! I should say too, that one of the top 100 reasons I LOVE CFW is that everyday I see the coaches and our members continually encouraging those that aren't their "YET" to do their best with what they ARE DOING and congratulate them on their personal achievements. My shoulder press right now is a "measely" 145lb….I take it as a challenge. However others might take it as "not good enough" and it's up to us to help them see it as a step to something more, and not an ego thing. I love you Clint!

  7. t. says:

    I doubt, especially with the way the intro is set up, that new members misunderstand how scaling works or are they made to feel bad for not hitting wods as rx'd. I don't even want a new member to try. Those weights are goals. It's something to shoot for. I want members to improve and progress at a reasonable and safe pace. The weights, reps, and rounds are all scalable. Obviously, the pace in which a person progresses at anything is in direct relation to the effort they put into whatever "it" is. But that pace is up to the individual. We do push our members… to do what they are CAPABLE of. But no more than that. I hope all our members know and understand this. If it's become confused with the "push" we give, then we will better explain it. The intro, and now required first month of classes, are all about easing members into our program. I'd like to offer our Intro Classes to any and all clients that joined before we put them into place or any that would just like to repeat them, at no cost. It's good, fundamental training and it would give great insight on how we bring new members into our program to members that haven't experienced it. As far as overtraining goes. I stomp my feet about it to so many members… "take at least two days off a week and more if you feel fried" is what I suggest and try to follow myself. I also say that life often dictates our rest days. On that, I've asked members to not work out just based on how they look. If I know it's day 5 in a row for a member, they did a tri the last weekend, and they ran the loop 4 times that morning, I tell them to go home, feed, and sleep. Optimal training, feeding, and rest is what I, and therefore CFW, advocates. Again, I hope theres no confusion, if so, maybe that will clear it up. As far as the perceived intimidating nature of CFW, it's my promise to all our members that I will keep CFW true to what it really is… the best training facility in Wilmington, and one that rivals any in the world. If people are intimidated by what we do and have no drive to push themselves, they will not join CFW or, if they do, they will leave CFW. Again it is not for everyone. I happy and proud that not everyone feels comfortable at CFW. Hell, most of this training is all about being uncomfortable. That's what makes it effective. Those that want the training, truely want it, no matter the weights they use, will get the same training as the top performers. I love training with anyone that wants to improve. I don't want to take money from anyone that doesn't. Find comfort elsewhere.

  8. maria says:

    yeah, what he said. Speaking of discomfort what's on tap for tomorrow? Must I really wait until midnight to know??

  9. No GOOD says:

    What the hell are you all talking about? CF life style is a volunteer program. Stop being so senistive :)If you want to bitch, bitch about having to run on wed morning when it is trash collection day on netherlands drive, ha!!