CFW on vacation.
Julie G. at Chicen Itza

WOD:  4 rounds for time…

10 snatches* (95lbs-M / 65lbs-F)
 Run 400m
*These are full snatches.  The sub is power snatch and complete the OHS.


0 thoughts on “Posted: 8/19/2009

  1. management says:

    ok shawn, we will process your request for rest day. AM crew please note that this is the protocol for missing a wod.

  2. Julie G. says:

    Ok guys. You have to checkout. and look at the request for comments on the bottom. I workout here when I am at work. Pretty sure when I get back to miami I will be looking for another crossfit gym to train at when I am not in Wilmington.

  3. Julie G. says:

    I wanted to….. they would not let me. I climbed one this size in Coba earlier that morning. I don't think any of us would look at this mammoth and Not think of running up it. Bunch of Sickos!!!!

  4. No GOOD says:

    Julie G, HA I read it, you need to let them know that is a CFW saying! Enjoy the rest of your vaca. Great WOD today!

  5. maria says:

    Nice Julie I LOVE the comment. Not that people shouldn't scale – I do it too sometimes, but it's only when your sacrificing form or risking injury. Not when it's "too hard" Every wod I've ever done at CFW has been TOO HARD!

  6. Julie G says:

    That is so true Taylor. I would get real honesty at CFW for sure. I felt bad for a milli-second. I also felt as if they are enabling bad behavior. Like illario said other day the people around you and atmosphere does matter. I kinda stay in my own zone there. It serves its purpose I guess. I know one thing I am very grateful to CFW and cannot wait to do the WOD tommorrow. By the way Tony. What is it?

  7. Taylor says:

    See, the funniest thing about that situation, Julie, is that if that were CFW, there would be at LEAST 17 comments RIGHT after yours telling you that you were either an ahole, or a genius! Im on your side.

  8. Clint says:

    I know it's hard for some of you to comprehend. But it's OK if there is something that takes precident over Crossfit from time to time. I am happy for all those who would rather die than miss a WOD or do a little less than what's prescribed, but that's what makes Crossfit great. You can Taylor it to your own desires and still gain benefit. We need to remember this less we make some fell unwelcome unless they are willing to die here. Keep it in perspective!

  9. drew says:

    I personally enjoy coming in and facing the suck and walking out knowing I've conquered it. I hope we never become a gym that backs off because some people don't understand. No Sacrifice, No Victory.

  10. t. says:

    Dang Clint, I don’t think it’s that bad. The atmosphere is always welcoming. Scaling down will never be a bad thing. The weights I post are goals and are intended to challenge the strongest and fastest of us. So scaling down is to be expected and in no way considered or confused with weakness. Though not pushing oneself may very well be. Straight up, CFW is simply not for everyone and if it becomes as much, someone should let me know… so I can make it suck that much worse.

  11. addict says:

    I can't comprehend why it's not important to some folks to get some day in and day out. Weak people suck (CF CDA).