Beach WODS tommorrow 6:15am AND 6:15pm!!
Tommorow evening Dr. McGraw and Active Care Chiropractic is hosting a
Shoulder Injuries Seminar from 6:30 to 7:30.
Space is limited. Call Kelly at (910)791-9130 to RSVP

Wilkes Weightlifting Seminar Contest
On Sunday, September 5, Coach Wilkes and sons will return to CFW to give us another seminar on Olympic Weightlifting.  We’ve decided to give away two spots for the seminar.
This contest is going to be a tough one… 
We’re making it only available to our newest clients.  One male and one female will be selected to attend. 
So if you’ve joined CFW since May 1st, 2010 all you have to is write a short paragraph and tell us why you’d like to attend the Olympic Lifting Seminar.  Just submit your entry by close of business on Monday, August 30 to one of the staff and we’ll announce the winners on Wednesday, September 1.
Julie squatting with chains.
Accommodating resistance is proven to develop strength quickly.  However, use with caution… training with bands and chains can lead to overtraining just as quickly.

3 rounds for as many reps as possible for each exercise- "Fight Gone Bad" style:

1 min Pullups
1 min Thruster (95/65)
1 min KB Swing (16/12)
1 min Over PVC Hurdle (12") Burpee’s
1 min Double Unders
1 min Rest 

* Record total reps

0 thoughts on “Posted: 8/17/2010

  1. Josh says:

    Amanda, I think your fine with the Clean and Jerks. If baby Welly starts Caber tossing in there, WATCH OUT!!

  2. Amanda W says:

    This thing is just too empty…so on a positive note, Joe & I got to see Baby Welly yesterday! We're healthy at 8 weeks along. You wouldn't believe it — the baby was already doing clean and jerks! haha. Won't be too long 😉

  3. abs says:

    hahaha Caber tossing! you will have to watch out cause the next 7 months will be hell! lol! Congrats on baby!

  4. Jen S says:

    Congrats Amanda and Joe!!! Such exciting stuff happening in the lives of my crossfit family! Babies, engagements…congrats everyone!!!

  5. No GOOD says:

    Congrats on new baby!!! Now can the new baby or anyone explain what the hell or how the hell to do a over pve hurdle 12" burpee…..

  6. Julie G. says:

    Ron Draw a line in the sand and jump over that line at least 12" high and drop into a burpee and repeat on each side. I clap in the air while jumping over (make believe) PVC. Ok Josh correct me…..