"Every man is the architect of his own fortune."  

– Sallus

The things you’ve done and the choices you’ve made leading up to this moment have made you who you are.  The decisions you make from this day on will make you who you are tomorrow. 

We can all be better at something.  Just pick something…  and work on it.  I don’t neccessarily mean in the gym.  It could be becoming a more aware driver, a better cook, or improving your marriage…   who cares.  Just pick something and you can improve on it if you so choose.

CrossFitters are tough.  Not just physically, but mentally.  You have to be to in order to even show up at a CrossFit affiliate and complete a WoD.   Or how about week in, week out, 5 times a week?  It can seem brutal.  They say it takes three weeks of repetitiveness for a human to develop a habit.  But fitness, especially CrossFit, is a lifestyle.  So while it may only take three weeks to change a habit, my guess is that it takes two to six months for us to change our lives.

Some people say CrossFit is intimidating…   but the weak always find excuses for thier weaknesses, insecurities, and inadequecies.  The weak (sheep) have phobias we don’t understand.  They will never find comfort in being uncomfortable.  They can’t fathom reward from pain.  Those sheep will never jump from planes, climb mountains, run a triathlon, or complete a month of CrossFit.  Or any other grueling fitness program for that matter.

CrossFitters aren’t intimidated by hard work, sweat, and discomfort….  or much of anything else either.  The irony we all know is, CrossFit fosters support and camaraderie that no gym can match.  There’s no egos or "tough" guys here.  Just a family tied oddly by only one goal…  fitness.  And that familly extends so far beyond our walls.  Just take a trip…   walk in the closest CF and you’ve got friends.  Wear a CF t-shirt anywhere and someone will ask you, "you do CrossFit?". 

However, CrossFit doesn’t get results…  CrossFitters do.  I’d quickly bet that most CF’ers are successful in other aspects of life too.  We don’t quit or accept halfa** as good enough.  We want more and are will simply do more to get it!

An oz. of mental fortitude equals a lb. of physical conditioning by any measure.  So the chances are if you’re reading this, you’re capable of anything you set your mind to.

I’ve seen "fit" individuals crushed by only a bit of  mental "stress".  Mental toughness is learned and can be improved upon.  Driving through a CF WoD helps, but driving through a CF WoD after a long night up with the baby or just a long night downtown requires a bit more!  Discipline unites the strong and separates them from the weak.   

In a society that typically refers to a "prescription" as some type of anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, or anti-whatever medication…  we offer an alternative "script" to you; you that choose the strong, tough, and painful route to wellness.  Hell, the only band aids here are for temporary relief of lost skin!  And we all know with the persperation and the next set of pull ups that band aid ain’t gonna help much anyway.

We hope you had a good weekend got plenty of rest.  You know this week won’t be any easier.  But I doubt you’d want it to be.



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  1. Andrew says:

    Very well said. If it wasn't 10 pages long, I'd post up Lt. Col. Grossman's "Sheep, Wolves, or Sheepdog". I suggest everybody try and seek out a copy online and read through it a couple of times. It's always an honor to train with those who refuse to be sheep.

  2. Don O says:

    Holy crap, I can't sit still after reading that…..I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW…..I'M GOING TO SMOKE MYSELF

  3. clair says:

    are you serious, that was intense. You great master philosopher. Im bout to go climb Mt.Everest without an oxygen tank

  4. Dan says:

    Great post Tony. Thanks for the inspration.Here the choice I made this weekend After owning my bike 5 weeks I biked with the ironman guys this weekend. Did 66 miles on Sat and turn around and did 44 on Sun with a mile run. All fueled by Crossfit.

  5. Tracy says:

    Hey Dan! I don't know you but I do know the Ironman guys..their workouts are intense! Nice work! Way to go!