Yoga Classes Today
Tara at 2:30pm
Meagan at 7:30pm
Wilkes Weightlifting Seminar Contest
On Sunday, September 5, Coach Wilkes and sons will return to CFW to give us another seminar on Olympic Weightlifting.  We’ve decided to give away two spots for the seminar.
This contest is going to be a tough one… 
We’re making it only available to our newest clients.  One male and one female will be selected to attend. 
So if you’ve joined CFW since May 1st, 2010 all you have to is write a short paragraph and tell us why you’d like to attend the Olympic Lifting Seminar.  Just submit your entry by close of business on Monday, August 30 (2 weeks from today) to one of the staff and we’ll announce the winners on Wednesday, September 1.
Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture
Jen, visting from CF Charleston, and Lisa from Clayton, NC
Thanks for training with us.  Come back anytime!
Back Squat   6 – 12 – 2 – 24 – 6 – 12 – 2 – 24
20 – 15 – 10 – 5 reps of each for time…
box jumps
GHD sit ups

0 thoughts on “Posted: 8/16/2010

  1. No GOOD says:

    Jen I like the GLVOES!! Chris if you havent already been told muscle get the leather do-wins.
    I just regestered for the CF Endurance Cert!! Hope to see some of our peeps in there with me!
    The week before 18-19 Sept in Bridgeport PA I am heading up to get my Level 1 at CF Kings of Prussia. If anyone is interested it is still open and you can ride with me. Let me know. Have a great day CFW!!!!!!!

  2. No GOOD says:

    Yes ABS woo friggin hoo!!!!! You know that this means there is a party to be had in the next 26 days!!! Julie G do it !!! I would love to do this cert with you!!!

  3. Julie G. says:

    No Good. I want to do the Endurance Cert too. kind of bummed same day as FGB. t how is that going to work?

  4. No GOOD says:

    Ok so I just donated on the FGB link. NOT EASY AT ALL!!!! I had to start my own page. It would not let me just donate to the CFW page but I did make that my team so hopefully my donation goes towards the gyms totals. If someone is smart with this please advise thanks!

    Sensei Im going to do FGB as my warm up for the CERT…

  5. Josh says:

    FGB5 Saturday September 25th will coenside (big word, prob. spelled wrong) with the CF Endurance Cert. We will be joined by crossfitters from all over Eastern NC. Any and everybody can join in, not just limited to crossfitters.
    Gonna need plenty of volunteers (setup/ WOD scoring) and someone to coordinate a possible cookout

  6. Kylie* says:

    Josh I'm off the day of FGB, let me know how I can help if I don't see you today I will see you at the box Tues

  7. Sweaty says:

    FGB also coincides with another national holiday… my birthday! What a way to kick off that celebration then with FGB

  8. Sweaty says:

    FGB also coincides with another national holiday… my birthday! What a way to kick off that celebration then with FGB

  9. Les says:

    Josh…I can't resist. It's the former English teacher in me.
    Coincide. Big word. Worth about $5. At least you used it correctly.
    Thomas…still not liking you all that much at the moment. Then again, I'm only on glass number 2 of wine.