Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture
Josh familarizes Lindsay with the stick figures
and white board during her intro.
CrossFit WOD"Angie"
For time…

  • 100 Pull-ups
  • 100 Push-ups
  • 100 Sit-ups
  • 100 Squats
  •  Complete each exercise before moving on to the next.
    Weightlifting WOD:
    Snatch – 55% x 2 x 1, 65% x 2 x 1
    Jerk – 65% x 1 x 4
    Hang Clean – 55% x 2 x 3
    8 mid thigh high box jumps


    0 thoughts on “Posted: 8/14/2009

    1. ilario says:

      Some of us like CrossFit because of its scientific method. So here is some behavioral science for you nerds out there: How much does the psychological group dynamic matter? What is it worth in terms of human performance? I don’t pretend to be an expert, or to even be that sure of my own experiences, but keeping a log for the last year has given me some interesting data points:
      23 days ago I did a bench mark WOD, “Angie”, at a respectable CrossFit box with a group of good supportive athletes and even a few young “turk” competitors (Annapolis weenies) to get the “old man’s” blood pumping. I repeated that WOD today, and just about every factor held constant (Sleep:7.5hrs, accumulated fatigue: hard-multi-hour training days for the 2 days prior, diet: empty stomach, time of day: morning, Range of motion was the same: both Chest-to bar, both GHD etc., etc.).
      I doubt a real gain in strength or technique, and despite Darren’s Howls, I’m not a sand bagger. The only real change from 23 days ago was location. Last time I was somewhere else. Today, I was training at CrossFit Wilmington. What kind of physiological improvement could I expect from 23-day interval? Maybe a bit…maybe, but I wasn’t prepared for the results: I PR’d my “Angie” time by 3 minutes- a 15% improvement- in 23 days! Other than the obvious thanks to Clint and Don O. for running the clock and pushing me on, there was something else here that needed to be shared….My point, is that this place is special, beyond the programming and the groovy skull decals. There is a cult of personality, a legacy of blood sweat and tears that drives a new level of performance, time after time. The Ghosts of the greats walk the halls, hang from rings and ropes watching, mocking, beckoning prodding. You know who you guys are, and the rest of us aspire to be like you, or even beat you, if not everyday, then at least right now, in this moment, in the next minute, in the next round, in the next lift, or the next one…or the next one. For those that are new, welcome, for those that watch our sight from afar, thanks, and for those of you that have made Team CFW what it is, by leaving some piece of yourself on the floor, the bars or the trash can, you made my day. Semper Fi.

    2. No GOOD says:

      Well said Ilario. To add to that we just landed in the ATL. And since it doesn't cost $20.00 a min to go on line the first thing i do is check the cfw site. I can't wait to get in a WOD, and leave a "Sweat Angle" on the deck! We are almost home we missed you and our beautiful gym! Ilario my friend as always wel spoken! See you all soon!

    3. t. says:

      Matt I had no idea the foresight you had for bringing in your hula hoop training concepts that day months ago. I am off to WalMart to purchase 20 hoops. The Oly Class tomorrow in canked… CFW is proud to announce it’s first hulahoop training session!!!

    4. steve says:

      hey guys,check out paleo in a nutshell video on youtube part 1 and 2,very cool.matt not sure if this is the same thing your talking about.

    5. DC says:

      Hey gang This Sun @9am over at wrightsville beach park there is a group of us crazy monsters getting together to do a POTLUCK FRAN. IF you want to know more Just ask or email me. It's going to be a blast. hehehehe