Casey Burgener makes a successful lift in the men’s snatch competition during the 2008 Olympic Weightlifting Trials on May 17, 2008 at the Robert Ferst Center for the Arts in Atlanta, Georgia.  


Learn and use the Burgerner Warm Up.

The Burgener Warm Up:

  1. Down and Up
  2. Down and Up w/ high pull (elbows high and outside!)
  3. Muscle Snatch
  4. Snatch Land
  5. Snatch Balance (Snatch Drop)
  6. Hang Power Snatch





Clean:   2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2

 *Goal: 85% of BW.  These are full Cleans…  from the floor and receive in the squat.

**If you are not comfortable with receiving the weight in the squat, substitiute with Power Cleans.


  • 5  50m sprints  (rest 10 seconds btw sprints)
  • 5  50m sprints (rest 20 seconds btw sprints)

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  1. Jennings says:

    Haha! you guys think anyone is going to show up for windsprints. Looks like Zach, Chip, Andy, Clair, and myself will be the only ones in the gym tomorrow. Julie the workout sounds like you thought of it cause I know how much you like to run. haha.

  2. mat i. says:

    So I did not make it to CF this week but I have been doing the WOD's at work (nice gym) and I am pretty damn sore – anybody else?! I am leaving town for a week so I will be back then….I will check daily for my workout from the road. later

  3. clair says:

    dont worry jules when monday gets here you'll wish thats all we were running, training starts mon afternoon.I suggest you to start praying to the tornado gods so they will send an f5 twister

  4. Andrew says:

    Julie, ya better do the workout. Even I ran a mile before and after the sprints and did 10 x 75m instead of 50. Y'all know how much I hate running so a 10x50m sprint won't kill ya haha.