Beach Workout tomorrow evening – We’re meeting at lifeguard tower #11 (next to The Oceanic Pier) on Wrightsville Beach for a beach workout at 6pm.  Glenn McCarroll has invited us to join his workout and asked us to bring tires and kettlebells to add to the fun.  Meet at CFW at 5:15 to carpool, or park across the street from The Oceanic. 

Don’t fear the swims.  They are short and if you aren’t comfy with them at all, like everything else we do, there’s a substitute.  Running replaces the swim.  Come out and enjoy a great workout.  Oh, not to call anyone out…  but bringing a surfboard and watching doens’t count!

Post Card Contest
You’ve seen the postcards on the desk, you may have taken a few and given them to your friends. 
But here’s a greater incentive to give away more…
Whoever refers the most new clients that sign up and finish our Intro Course in the next month wins $100 cash.  Just write your name on the back of the postcards you give out and when those you refer bring them in, we’ll tally them up.  It’s an easy $100 and great way to help us spread the word about CFW and bring that someone you’ve been trying to get into the gym ion here for a workout. 
Don’t forget, we offer a free "walk in / trial" workout for anyone that just isn’t sure about CrossFit.  The workout is light and not complex, yet just intense enough to show a newbie what we’re all about.  It won’t leave anyone to sore to walk the next day!

Yesterday, Grace gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Parker.  Congratulations Grace!
Mike high bar back squatting 405lbs…  to the bottom!  Mike, a former Oly lifting competitor understands the benefits of squatting past parallel. 
On training days, lighten the loads and go deep.  When max day comes around, you’ll see real gains.

WOD:  "Heavier than Heavy Fran"   12, 8, 5 reps for time of…

thrusters (185lbs-M, 135lbs-F)
weighted pull ups (45lbs-F, 25lbs-F)
 **This is a heavy one!  Like everything we do, it’s scalable…  but if you come down in weight we’re gonna add reps! 

0 thoughts on “Posted: 7/7/2009

  1. ilario says:

    No Good, I'm just dialing in from yesterday. Thank you for the support my brother, and for all of the crew (that I miss so much!) like Scott, Don, Darren, Clint and Alan! Your energy helped me PR bigtime: DL #400! Thank you team, and CF Wilmington.
    [FYI my last heavy DL was 325 in April, but my shoulder was still hurt so I backed off.] Grace, Congratulations on the baby, and Dan, i was gona conratulate you in 40 pull-ups, but 52?? ESKO, thank you for waiting until I left…sheesh. I need some spinach!
    And to close this ramble, I met a new couple that was just getting their intro with Darren. Their young son was reading patiently while mommy and daddy started their CF journey. Great to have another family join the family!

  2. No GOOD says:

    Ilario you are always a sorcue of motavation for me. Form is everything. The picture of Dawn from last week should be blown up and put up in every gym. This morning I used that image in my head to get me through the work out. I am not sure if I was perfect every time but I imagined myself lifting the weight just like Dawn. I had an AWFUL time of 20:03 for something I have never done before with weight 3 weeks ago I did not think I could lift. Josh I will work on my flexablity. It is so awesome to start the day with the inspariation and sweat! Thanks morning crew!!!I will beat my time next time this comes around!!! Have a great day all! and Congrats on the Baby!

  3. Shawn K says:

    So there I was, riding through the woods on the back of a 4-wheeler going to load a few cinder blocks to weigh down my less-than-professional fireworks platform. All of a sudden, "ouch!” I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my right leg. "Must be a briar" I thought to myself. Then it stuck me on my left leg, and a couple more times on my right leg… my ankle. "Ouch!! That stings!!” About that same time I heard the driver yell… "Yellow jackets!!!!” Now, it had taken us several minutes to navigate through the many trees in order to conveniently position ourselves directly above their nest. I wasn't about to take the time to wait on the driver to reverse course and get out of there while being pummeled by that swarm of poisonous winged daggers. So I did what any guy would do… screamed like a little girl, jumped off the 4 wheeler, and ran as fast as I could. Keep in mind that 'fast as I could' is very relative at this point because as I leaped off, the driver hit the gas and drove right over my right foot… knocking me to the ground. It's here were I would like to think Tony for all the training at CFW. I managed to pull myself up, run/hop out of the woods shoeless on one foot, beat off the many remaining yellow jackets all while having enough cardio capacity left to scream like a tiny little school girl. Thanks Tony.

  4. Debb says:

    I miss seeing you. Look forward to holding Parker. Welcome Little Parker!

  5. laura says:

    a beautiful baby just like mommy! Enjoy your recovery and your special time with Parker. See ya' soon

  6. Dawn says:

    Congrats Grace!!! You both look beautiful. 🙂 No Good, thank you for your compliment. Everyone can accomplish great form. You all have a great opportunity to learn. Take Tony's 4 week oly program, you will see vast improvements in weights, met-cons, and overall fitness. 🙂

  7. Sensei says:

    Grace, CONGRATS! Shawn, I do mean to laugh, HA HA HA!!! AWESOME! Darren, Amy, and my friend Thomas Thanks for a great push and encouragement today! I needed it! Do, or do not do, There is no try!

  8. Josh says:

    Congrats Grace! Beautiful baby! I can wait to put a kettlebell in her tiny hands. See you soon

  9. maria says:

    Grace, Beautiful picture. I'm so happy for you. Enjoy your time with Parker, what a great example you are setting for her! Shawn, haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

  10. Em says:

    Grace, you and Parker look amazing…Kristen was so excited to tell me about her at work…can't wait to meet her in person!! You are an amazing woman and a wonderful person for Parker to look up to as she grows up! ;op Shawn….LMFAO…great info!