Post Card Contest 
You’ve seen the postcards on the desk, you may have taken a few and given them to your friends. 
But here’s a greater incentive to give away more…
Whoever refers the most new clients that sign up and finish our Intro Course in the next month wins $100 cash.  Just write your name on the back of the postcards you give out and when those you refer bring them in, we’ll tally them up.  It’s an easy $100 and great way to spread the word about CFW and bring that someone you’ve been trying to get into the gym down for a workout. 

Improve your Olympic Lifts, improve your CrossFit!
To say CrossFit Wilmington puts much emphasis on and effort into the Olympic Lifts (the Snatch and Clean & Jerk) is an understatement.  We recognize their value and benefits and continually put them in our programming, hold oly specific classes, and host seminars with the most established Oly Coaches in the sport.  Below are three more ways we are excited to be offering you to advance your oly lifting technique and overall fitness.  
CrossFit Wilmington 4 week Weightlifting Program
CFW is offering an Oly Lifting Program aside from our CrossFit Program.
Each day participants will do Olympic Lifting with focus on form and technique.  Training Days are Monday – Wednesday, Thursday off, Friday – Saturday, and Sunday off.  There will be a three hour Introductory Course on Saturday, July 18th, 1pm – 4pm.  And a 1 hour class each Tuesday at 7pm and Saturday at 2pm.  Participants are expected to attend the classes each week. 
This program will improve your form and technique in not only the Oly lifts, but also your squat, press, and deadlift.  In four weeks you will return to the CF program, stronger, faster, more coordinated, and ready to set new PRs in all things CrossFit!  The cost is $100 per athlete if already a CFW member, and $140 for nonmembers.  There’s an enrollement cap at 20 persons for this month’s program.  If you’re ready to take it up a notch, do this program!  There’s a sign up sheet in the office.
Olympic Lifting Seminar for CrossFitters
On Sunday, July 26 CrossFit Wilmington is hosting an Olympic Lifting Seminar with Coach Chris Wilkes of Wilkes Weightlifting / CrossFit Chesapeake.
This seminar is for CrossFitters, i.e., it is more affordable than Coaching Seminars.
For more info and to register, go to
Catalyst Athletics Olympics Lifting Seminar
September 5-6, Greg Everett and Aimee Anaya will be at CFW for an Olympic Lifting Seminar.  Greg and Aimee own and operate Catalyst Athletics (, one the nations most recognized Olympic Lifting facilities.  Check out their website and you’ll see the "who’s who" of west coast CrossFitters getting their Olympic Lifting training at Catalyst.   For more info and registration, go to:

Jen S. gets Snatch starting position tips from Julie
Happy Birthday to Katy M.


Deadlift  5 – 5 – 3 – 2 – 2
kipping pull up – 1 set of max reps 
For time…
5 box jumps (24"-all)
5 kettlebell swings (24kg-all)
5 push ups
10 box jumps
10 kb swings
10 push ups
15 box jumps
15 kb swings
15 push ups

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  1. No GOOD says:

    WHat a great day and work out. I had the best time today. It's like a clubhouse! Clint I hope your son is doing well, ouch but since he is ok , it is now moved into being FUNNY. ESKO 52 pull ups…SICK!!!!!

  2. Em says:

    CONGRATULATIONS GRACE!!! Grace gave birth to a baby girl, Parker Grace, on Sunday. I believe she weighed in @ 5lbs 15oz…mom and baby are doing well!!

  3. Maria says:

    I guess I can assume Grace had her baby??? Give me some details. CONGRATS! Glad to know that BMI is useless since our entire family is "obese" by those standards. Yeah the 5 year old is "off the scale" we think she's just future crossfit material.