Ilario rocks the vintage CFW t-shirt. This beach WOD offered more... More people from more CrossFit Affiliates, and more heavy things to move about. We had over 60 people show up for this morning's workout. The logs definitely add a fun, new dynamic. CrossFit Wilmington hosted members from CrossFit Raleigh, CrossFit Southern Pines, Port City CrossFit and unaffiliated CF'ers at the first beach wod of the 2011. Though it did have less swimming, the water is almost warm enough! Stand by for the us to start the regular beach workouts. Thanks to everyone who came out.

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9 thoughts on “More fun, more people, and more CrossFits… Happy Easter!

  1. t. says:

    Good stuff this morning folks.
    A big thanks to Josh for organizing, Tracy and Keith and the Port City Crew, Jackie and company from CF Southern Pines, and Bobby & Julie from CF Raleigh and everyone from CFW and elsewhere for joining us.

    We had just over 60 people! Thats by 20 more than any other beach workout. This is what CrossFit is all about… enjoying fitness. The group collective is just a huge bonus.

  2. No GOOD says:

    I was not home sick till today…..I really dont like missing big events like today….GOOD STUFF !!!!!!! Happy Easter!!!

  3. Albert says:

    Was a great time today. Really enjoyed it and know better of what to expect on the beach. Wearing a bathing suit next time so I can swim regardless. 😀

  4. Scott S says:

    First Turkey Friday and now we have another Can’t MIss off site workout!. Thanks to Josh, t. and Caleb for putting it together. It is great to see all of us out on the beach tossing our poles, pounding sand and doing the over/under. To play on the beach with 60 other crazy-fit people – what more can you ask for?

  5. Tracey says:

    Thanks so much for hosting! As always we enjoy doing wod’s with you guys!!

    Josh and Caleb…super impressed with the programming today, especially the egg and spoon duo…so much fun…definitely in the top ten favorite wods!!!

    We would love to have you guys come down and visit us again! I don’t mind having another celebration 🙂

  6. Steve says:

    Beach WODs, NICE. I’ve been following the site from overseas and like Ron these pictures made me a little home sick. I’m glad I’ll be back right around when the beach WODs start rolling full speed. Awesome pics, you guys are kicking ass, I look fwd to joining the mayhem.

  7. Jackie says:

    Thank you so much guys! We had a great time. My friends and I agreed it was the best part of our visit! Thank you to Josh and all the rest that did all the organizing! Great to see everyone 🙂 stop by Southern Pines Crossfit anytime your in town

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