Tomorrow night we’re getting together to at Blue Water Restaurant at 8pm (if it’s not packed we’ll try and close the gym a few minutes early) to send Jessica S. and Anrew S. off properly.  Andrew is leaving in the morning, so we’ll celebrate his departure without him.  Sorry Bro!  So come join your CFW crew and hang in a less intense atmosphere than we typically interact. 

Fitz hits the surf at the beach workout yesterday.
If you’ve not made it out to the beach wod, you’re missing a fun
and challenging workout. 
We’ll do again next week, same time and place.
Hey Bud, you’ve a little sand on your face!
CrossFit WOD:  Andrew’s last WOD. 
Andrew is leaving us for the NC Highway Patrol Academy.  Good luck Bro.  We’ll miss you!  Return to us in uniform.
800m Run
5 weighted dead hang pull ups (20lbs-M / 10lbs-F)
5 dead hang pull ups  
10 shoulder press (95lbs/65lbs)
10 weighted GHD situps (25lbs/15lbs)

800m Run
10 dead hang chinups
20 push press (95lbs/65lbs)
20 GHD weighted situps (15lbs-M / 10lbs-F)

800m Run
30 pull ups
30 shoulder press (65lbs-M / 45lbs-F)
30 GHD sit ups


0 thoughts on “Posted: 7/30/2009

  1. Em says:

    Andrew…good luck and be safe! You will be greatly missed…Kick everyone's arse like we know you will and get home! Hell of a send off WOD BTW!!!

  2. Chad Aurentz AK SOUL says:

    That was a rough workout, my heart rate was at 170+ the whole time….27:57 but i have no idea how slow that is

  3. taylor says:

    Way to go Chad! You have the same disadvantage Ronbo does, you do the WODs early and have nothing to compair the time to. BTW guys, Chad lives in Alaska, so if you want to post your times here on line, im sure it'll help out some friendly competition!
    Andrew, good luck. I can't imagine you will do less than your ass kicking best!

  4. Sensei says:

    Andrew, Do your dirt SON! You this is an extremely exciting part of your life, so take a deep breath-slow everything down for a moment-and notice all the fun you are having! try that today while you are in the gym watching us all grind and pant getting your WoD done! See you all at 5:15!!

  5. ilario says:

    Andrew, Listen to Sensei…this is a super exciting time for you…Super Trooper! You crushed it yesterday, and you will crush this course too.
    "Come back with your shield, or on it…"

  6. Don O says:

    Andrew, good luck, work hard, stay safe, support your class mates. Just remember the first couple of days will suck. These are the will breaking times. Take care and we'll see you in a few months. Oh almost forgot I spoke with some "friends" and they are expecting your arrival. Good luck CHERRIE

  7. No GOOD says:

    Andrew, Thank you for the WOD, you made me dry heave, but that may have been some BTIT also. In the short time I have spent around you, I have been impressed with your determination to reach you goal of becoming a State Trooper. It is truly an honorable journey you are embarking on. Remember what I have said before, nothing worth doing is or should be easy! Stay the course my friend and you will be VICTORIOUS!!! Remember 25th Hour…
    To add to Taylor's post. Chad is one of our close friends, BROTHER, up in ALASKA. He currently is working up in Fairbanks AK till Oct. There is NOT much up there. He has told me how much he like our site and the WOD's and this will be his guide into the CF world. He also will be rocking some CFW gear for us, REPRESENT YO!!!

  8. Bryan Hering says:

    andrew I'm sorry I never got the opportunity to meet you. That workout was great, and taylor is right. The last 30 ghd sit-ups sucked! I'm glad today is over. I'll never be as out of shape as i was today……good luck andrew

  9. peter says:

    Good luck to you Andrew. Remember that what you are going through is the same thing your instructors went through. They are molding you and make you one of the State's finest (behind WPD LEOs of course). Sorry I can't make this Wod gotta make that money. By the way, I've also spoken with some friends and mentioned how you said you were such a bad ass crossfitter that the pt at the Academy ain't s#!t. They seemed highly irritated at that (don't know why?)…hahahahahaahahaha

  10. taylor says:

    Deep Thoughts, by Taylor Ross:
    Pre workout: Wow, Andrew is a great guy, its no wonder he has come up with a great workout. First round: This doesn't seem so bad, perhaps Andrew went a little light on us today, I think I might kill this. Second round: This may not be as easy as I thought, what the hell has Andrew got against us anyway. Third round: Andrew is a jerk. I never really liked him anyway. During GHD situps, third round: I hope they beat Andrew up in Super Trooper school, if he were here right now, I'd tell him so! Post workout: Im happy I did that, that was a good one…but Im still not sure about that Andrew, that was pretty sick. One hour post workout: Ok, that workout was awesome; that Andrew…he's alright 🙂 I think I'll miss him.

  11. t. says:

    Sensei said "dirt". Funny, b/c that's what our boy got on his face! Andrew, if you ever try to give me speeding ticket I'll remind you what that sand tastes like!

  12. Sensei says:

    on that note….don't EVER pull Julie over!! It'll be a scary event for you…and everyone else in the car with her! lol

  13. Maria says:

    great, just what the world needs, another d@$# cop. Just kidding (kinda) Andrew good luck, I know that you will do well. Great wod, sorry I missed it – I'll save it for later.

  14. Andrew says:

    I appreciate all the support and words of encouragement. Thank you all. Crossfit Wilmington is truly a family and I feel closer to many of you than the majority I have known all my life. The sheer quality of people that walk through our doors on a daily basis can be quite humbling. I've always liked the following quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect." Without my friends and family at CFW, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would not be as prepared as I am. For that, I am eternally grateful to all of you. These next 7 months will be long and tough, but the result is very much worth it. I hope to end up back this way with everyone, but if it's not in the books, I'll make it a priority to stop in for some face time. For those that are interested, a handful of us are going to meet at Main Street Brewery tonight at 730p for some food and drinks. Everyone is more than welcome to attend. For those that wish to see me run myself in the ground, I'll be doing this WOD around 430p. To everyone else, stay smart, stay strong and stay safe.

  15. Debb says:

    Andrew, Will miss you! I know you are gonna scare em! They are gonna wonder " Who is this dude?" You tell'em where you come from here at CFW and that you've got a whole CF family to back you. Hope to see ya on Sats. if your not sleeping it all off and recovering.

  16. Jen S says:

    Hey Andrew! I made one of the first comments yesterday but I don't know what happened to it! I always make sure to confirm…oh well. Basically I said what everyone else said…except I said it first..haha We are gonna miss you! Kick ass and take names! XXXOOO! Jen (o: