Check out the main site…  Peter and Julie are famous!  And my post on MUs (functional vs. specific exercises) is, as expected, elliciting a response in the comments section.  Check it out…

Brian M. on Pose Running:


Joel S. does the heavier than "Heavy Fran" on Monday.  12 – 8 – 5 reps of 185lbs Squat Thrusters and 45lbs pull ups.  Joel was one of only six athletes to complete this WOD.  We knew this WOD would be completed as rx’d by only a few of the more advanced guys.  All six guys did it in 7:00min or less with Zach clocking it in at 6 minutes flat!  To all those that scaled it down to "Heavy Fran" and "Fran", good job. Lindsay and Maria both did their first Fran and did it as Rx’d  in under 10 minutes!  All you guys rock!



 3 rounds for time…


  • Sprint 100m
  • 20 bag punches (left, right, left, right – 10 each arm)
  • 10 reverse wall ball shots (20lbs ball)
  • 10 GHD sit ups

Rest 5 min and then, for time…

  • Run 800m

0 thoughts on “Posted: 7/30/2008

  1. clair says:

    ATTN: all crossfitters this coming saturday im gonna run from my house (harris rd/ gordon rd area) to the beach and eat bfast @ the sweet and savory then catch a ride back with my wife im planning on starting around 7/ or 7:30 if you would like to join let me know

  2. clair says:

    no this is a team effort,just a nice sat morning stroll to smell the fresh morning dew and get in touch with nature

  3. Shawn K says:

    By "join" do you mean watch you run off into the distance out of sight while I lay gasping for air in a ditch along Military Cutoff?

  4. t. says:

    Glenn's crew will be out there. We're sorting through some scheduling conflicts. We're trying though.

  5. Hub says:

    Interesting comments about the MU dissertation Tony wrote on the affiliate page. I guess the point is, don't focus on just the ring MU, work just as hard on bar MUs and the rope MU…but working on the ring MU is another tool to train with to help build upper body strength, explosion, coordination, and flexibility.

  6. t. says:

    My point wasn't really abou the MU. Just about not confusing functional w/ specific. The fact is, we have to do both to be good at everything. Oh wait, I said that in the post. But it doesn't seem like anyone read that. They just read that I was attacking the "holy" muscle up. I have more depth than that.

  7. Tracy says:

    Just a heads up that the jellyfish are stinging. The group I swim with got stung this morning.

  8. E says:

    I'll be at Tower 11 next to the Oceanic pier at 5:45pm tonight for anyone interested in a beach workout. I'll see what Glenn's group is planning, but I'd like to get in some swimming and running mixed with burpees, lunges, pushups, air squats, etc. Meet me down there if interested. The more, the better.