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Beach Workout with Glenn McCarroll this afternoon – 5:45pm – Tower 11, next to The Oceanic Pier.

Soy, wheat, dairy bad?

Jules gets instruction from Josh on proper rowing.
CrossFit WOD:
5 rounds (20 min total) of as many reps as possible of…
1 minute shoulder press (no racks – 115lbs-M / 75lbs-F)
1 minute pull ups
1 minute deadlift (115lbs-M / 75lbs-F)
1 minute rest
*Resist the urge to increase or decrease the weight.  Stronger athletes will benefit from the speed and reps.  Athletes who struggle with these weights will improve strength.
Weightlifting WOD:
Snatch – 65% x 1 x 6 (rest exactly one minute between lifts)
Clean – 70% x 1 x 4 (rest exactly one minute between lifts)
Push Press  – Heavy Single
3 rounds for time…
50 meter sprint
20 squats
10 pull ups

0 thoughts on “Posted: 7/29/2009

  1. ilario says:

    T. & JuJu, thank you for a great class. With the beach WOD, you guys are running three programs today…That's amazing, and we are all grateful for the effort. Its just one of the things that makes this 'club' special. The other is being told to 'hug the wall' and do squat therapy!

  2. t. says:

    Laura / Ilaria and all you CFers and Oly participants, THANK YOU!! The effort and motivation is enough to make CFW abd the oly class worth it… but the improvement you've all made so far have far exceeded my expectations!!! No dissapointment here!

  3. laura says:

    I agree with Ilario. Thanks for giving so much. I have not been disappointed in signing up for the Oly class.You have given of yourselves far beyond what was expected. Hopefully you will not be disappointed in your efforts.

  4. ereka and jeremy b says:

    Okay, the WOD is not posted and we are getting nervous… Please post the WOD so I can sleep tonight…