Jessica S. is leaving us to attend grad school in Tennessee.  To show her off properly we’re meeting at Blue Water Restaurant at Wrightsville Beach, Friday night at 8pm.  Come join us!

Beach Workout tomorrow eveing – 5:45pm – Lifeguard Tower 11, next to Oceanic Pier.

Are you in ketosis-lypolysis?  http://www.lowcarbluxury.com/ketostix.html

Dawn teaching her Mother the deadlift.
CrossFit WOD:
For time…
2 rounds of
8 front squat (185lbs-M / 95lbs-F)
8 push press (95lbs-M / 65lbs-F)
2 rounds of
8 back squat (185lbs-M / 135lbs-F)
8 push jerk (135lbs-M / 85lbs-F)
Weightlifting WOD:

Class at 7pm


0 thoughts on “Posted: 7/28/2009

  1. Maura says:

    Jess, looking forward to Friday but sad to see you go! Dawn, awesome you got your mom involved! Ladies, My friend Tawney (who is a new CFW member) and I are going to do the Dash for Divas Triathlon on Sept 12th. It's a great beginner race and it's all women! It's 250 meter swim, 7 mile bike and 2 mile run. It's at White Lake. Come join us!!! If you sign up before Aug 1 it's $10 cheaper than after Aug 1. Here is the link to check it out or to sign up! http://www.setupevents.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=event_detail&eventID=1090 We are thinking about getting hotel rooms or possibly renting a house if anyone wants to join, or you can always drive up that morning!

  2. maria says:

    Jess, can't tell you how much I will miss you! I have loved working out with a "fellow – former seahawk soccer player" Study hard (but not too hard) and come back to see us. Mike & I will try to get a sitter and come Friday night. Otherwise I look forward to your farewell wod Friday 6 AM.

  3. Chad Aurentz AK SOUL says:

    I am following the WOD's in Alaska cause my boy Ron needs some old guy to try and keep up with him.. HAh! Well I got todays in 8:08 But that should improve since I am now dedicated to the WOD's 6 days a week.