We will be closing an hour early Friday (tomorrow) at 7 pm and will be closed Saturday July 4th for our Independence Day holiday.

Dan, Maura, Jeremy (foreground) and Bridgette, Dawn, and Clair (far) after yesterday’s beach workout.  Next week we’ll take the tires and kettlebells out on the sand for even more fun.  Thanks to Glenn and his triathletes for inviting us to participate in their workout.

3 sets of 5 OHS (95lbs -m / 65lbs-F) and then hold at the bottom for max time

2 handstand holds for max time 
1 front plank for max time
1 left plank for max time
1 right plank for max time
1 ghd sit up hold at level for max time
1 ghd back ext hold at level for max time

0 thoughts on “Posted: 7/2/2009

  1. Ereka says:

    Just wanted to say "Thanks," to the morning crew and trainers for all of their encouragement. You guys are awesome!

  2. drew says:

    I'm ordering some lifting shoes today, should I go with the do-wins, or rogues, how much of a difference is there? Any other suggestions?

  3. t. says:

    Drew, Do-win makes the Rogue shoe. It differs only from other Dowins in that it has a slightly lower heel. I have the Rogue and the suede has stretched. My next pair will be leather… like Adidas. They're more expensive, but…

  4. t. says:

    Jill, the workout yesterday was long and fairly painful. Next week's will be more CF like… kb swings, tire flips, and maybe rings hanging from the pier for pull ups/dips. Just add a swim. Just like everything, it's scalable. If you're not the comfy in the water, then we shorten the swim and replace it w/ running. I'd love to see you, and everyone else, out there. Next week the show time is 6pm and the workout will start at 6:15pm.

  5. drew says:

    They look way too peppy and happy, they need some some jackie/2 *4 and they wont be smiling so much!

  6. t. says:

    Ha! Drew, that big smile on Maura's face isn't indicative of the workout she'd just endured.

  7. Dan says:

    Come on out Drew. It was a short 1.5 hour long workout. Swim, run in soft sand a couple of 800s, 140 push ups, 50 burbees, squat thursters, hundred of lunges forwards and backwards and other crunches and planks, run around cones and other various stuff. Get some next week. the smiles are cause we are done. Lot of fun though.

  8. t. says:

    I didn't add it all up Dan… it was better left a vague memory. I'd forgotten how much Glenn likes lunges.

  9. Sensei says:

    Ok, I vote that before the "hot as hell" summer is over we have the same WoD for two days in a row. DAY 1: doors open with NO AC. DAY 2: close the doors and crank the AC, I would bet that day 2 the times would be better! Oh, and Thomas, in the most brotherly polite way possible…shut the hell up man! lol, you know I love you!